Evangelical ‘Hate Pastor’ Steven Anderson On Wild Rant: ‘Patriotic Fools;’ ‘Get AIDs And Die’

Steven Anderson, the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, often labeled a hate pastor, descended into an exceptionally extreme rant this week. However, for a pastor who celebrated the mass murder of patrons in an LGBT-friendly establishment in Floride, that’s really saying something.

Pastor Anderson was kicked out of Botswana recently, where he had hoped to establish a church and spread his version of the Gospel. Eyeing Anderson’s history of lashing out at LGBT people, though, Botswana decided not to let him in. As it happened, Pastor Steven Anderson managed to enter the country anyway and was escorted out again on September 20.

Just over a week later, Anderson preached from his Tempe, Arizona podium, speaking of his time in Botswana, and his unplanned exit. Not unexpectedly, he was still expressing outrage.

He declared that he would rather leave the country than preach within prescribed limits, and he repeatedly spewed insults and epithets centered around gender roles and sexuality.

Specifically, Pastor Steven Anderson says (around the 37 minute mark below) he can’t compromise because he doesn’t have a “queer little sissy mode.”

He explained that if there are ever hate speech regulations that limit his ability to preach anti-gay views in America, he’ll leave or go to prison, because, Anderson says, “I don’t wanna go buy a pair of skinny jeans and put on a graphic tee, and sit up here on a barstool and get purple lighting…”

He later describes those who don’t preach his way as “sissified sissy britches independent baptist pastors.”

However, while Pastor Steven Anderson may have still been venting his outrage at his arrest and deportation on Wednesday night, it’s a fraction of the vitriol he expressed on the social media account for his church this week.

On Monday, Anderson shared an image of a letter from the U.S. Department of State. The letter announces that Gay SA Radio will be awarded a grant of $8k from the U.S. Embassy for equipment and branding.

As the only LGBT radio station in South Africa, — a country that has also barred Steven Anderson from entry, Gay SA Radio is in a position at the moment to be a particular burr on Anderson’s posterior, and in his post, he called patriotic Americans fools for allowing their tax dollars to fund such a project.

“This is where your tax dollars go, patriotic fools…”

Actually, though, the mere existence of Gay SA Radio isn’t all that creates friction for Anderson. The station manager, Hendrik Baird, or, as he calls himself in his video message to Steven Anderson, the Chief Reprobate, led the charge to have Anderson banned from South Africa, and he had a hand in Anderson’s deportation from Botswana.

Further, Baird credits Anderson with actually improving LGBTI rights in South Africa!

“I believe Mr. Anderson has done more for advancing LGBTI rights in the past two months than we have been able to do in the last two years. We thank him and his group for that.”

Still, Pastor Anderson is clearly more than a little peeved, and he goes beyond calling Americans fools for paying taxes. Later, when a visitor to his social media page expresses dissent, quoting verses from the Bible to support the idea of paying taxes, Anderson responds with particular vitriol.

“Get AIDS and die!”

Granted Pastor Steven Anderson celebrated the deaths of 49 patrons killed in an LGBT bar in Florida, declaring that the sad part was that more didn’t die. However, actually telling a person to die and wishing an excruciating, serious illness on him is still an extreme measure; even for a man banned from multiple countries for preaching anti-gay messages.

[Featured Image by Steven Anderson/YouTube]