WWE News: Big Double Turn Idea For Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns Nixed, But Is Reigns Still Turning Next Year?

If you didn’t notice, WWE is in a new era, and they are making sure to focus on the future and less on the past. While the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton cannot be forgotten about, they are not the major focus anymore. This was made clear with both moving to WWE SmackDown Live in the WWE Draft this past summer. WWE felt confident their hated next “guy” Roman Reigns and even the dastardly heel Seth Rollins could bring the ratings back to WWE RAW.

The company also felt confident by stacking the show with most of the major women and tag teams as well. They even managed to hang on to a big mid-card with Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, and Rusev. If that wasn’t enough, they only added to the women’s division by bringing Bayley to RAW and making sure to give NXT star Finn Balor a major position on his first night with WWE. They still weren’t done, as they made sure the cruiserweight division would be a RAW exclusive as well.

Truly if there was a show to watch, RAW would be it. Yet the blue brand with a technically lesser roster has been killing it every single week now. That’s even without John Cena and Randy Orton in big matches for the brand. RAW needed yet another upgrade, even though the writing and creative team clearly need to be overhauled for the red brand too. The major idea was to turn Seth Rollins. However, before all of this, there was a clear idea to turn Rollins but also turn Roman Reigns in a big double turn.

Rollins HHH RAW
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We very well could have seen Triple H return in the exact same manner, but help Roman rather than Kevin Owens become the WWE Universal Champion. The idea was obviously killed off. According to Ringside News, WWE is indeed going forward with a full-fledged babyface turn for Rollins who has been kind of a tweener for a bit. The move was slowly made when Rollins came out to help Reigns after his steel cage match with Kevin Owens on WWE RAW recently.

However, Seth Rollins has been more so working as a tweener rather than a full face. He is certainly still angry with Stephanie McMahon and The Authority for RAW. He feels all were in on costing him the Universal Title and turning on him. He is also angry with Owens as well, and rightfully so. This led Rollins to being angrier with certain people rather than turning into a good guy. He will slowly turn, however.

The idea as of now, which has been the plan for some time, is to work toward a match with he and Triple H most likely at WrestleMania 33. This was going to happen at WrestleMania 32 before all the injuries went down, including the one to Seth Rollins himself. As for the Reigns heel turn, the idea is that we could still see it come. WWE knows that Roman just isn’t working right now and that something has to be done with his character.

Roman Reigns Seth Rollins RAW
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The thought among some was that putting the WWE United States Title on him was going to be a good idea because it would keep him in the mid-card scene and out of the main event. However, Roman Reigns will still be a major focus on television weekly, which was never going to change. WWE and specifically Vince McMahon feel strongly that Reigns is a top guy and will be “their guy” for the next number of years.

Some in management have been open to the idea of others taking this role on. In fact, even McMahon began to lose faith and seemed open to the idea of Finn Balor taking over in this role for the next number of months to at least see fan response. Sadly with his injury, it now prevents him from seeing what Balor can do at the top. There are some who think that if Balor didn’t get hurt, Roman Reigns would end up turning sometime in November when Triple H was set to come back and start his rivalry with Seth Rollins.

Apparently, WWE was going to have Seth Rollins take the Universal Title by WWE Survivor Series, and something would occur with Roman getting a bit of help from The Game, and a turn would happen then. With that idea out of the way, WWE could still use Roman Reigns as a heel. However, we may not see this occur until sometime in 2017. The reason is simply because WWE wants him to hold on to the United States Title for a while and that will end up giving us a few matches with Rusev and another heel before entering the new year. By The Royal Rumble PPV, he could jump back into the World Title scene and a possible turn could occur then.

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