‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 841: Sanji’s Mother Keeps His Dream Of Becoming A Famous Cook Alive, While Sister Saves Him From Evil Brothers [Spoilers]

In the One Piece chapter 841, mangaka Eiichiro Oda offered the fans of the popular Japanese manga a sad glimpse into the troubled childhood of Sanji. However, he also showed how Sanji’s past may influence upcoming events.

[Warning: One Piece Manga Chapter 841 recap/spoilers are ahead]

A complex member of Luffy’s Straw Hat gang, Sanji, who is about to marry Big Mom’s daughter Pudding, had a very hard childhood filled with cruel tortures and imprisonment. However, despite the bleak situation, Sanji managed to survive the emotional and physical rigors meted out by his father, Judge Vinsmoke, because of his loving mother and kindhearted sister.


In chapter 841, a young and innocent Sanji is seen with a tight-fitting iron mask that obscures most of his facial features. He owes his situation not to an enemy, but to his own father. Sanji and his brothers have been hinted to be the result of some advanced cloning experiments that may have also involved some genetic engineering to imbibe specially crafted cruel powers and personalities.


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While Sanji’s elder siblings Niji, Ichiji and Yonji displayed all the evil traits that their father desired in them, poor Sanji turned out to be different. His rather soft nature and ability to feel empathy towards others was extremely disliked by the Judge, who had poor Sanji locked up in the castle’s dungeons. However, before he was imprisoned, Sanji’s brothers had tortured him in multiple ways, leaving him badly bruised.


So damaged was Sanji, even the guards felt sorry for him and allowed him to sneak out in the middle of a storm to visit his mother. Chapter 841 reveals Sanji is quite fond of cooking even at a very tender age and requests cooking utensils and other ingredients. He prepares a nice meal and packs it up for his mother, but the torrential rains cause him to stumble, ruining the meal while he is on the way to meet her. Before Sanji reaches his mother’s chambers, a maid stops him and inspects the meal. She spits out the food, saying it tastes awful, but his mother appreciates his efforts and encourages him. Inspired by his mother’s kind words, Sanji vows to become a great cook when he grows up.


Chapter 841 of One Piece manga also reveals how Sanji’s sister Reiju, the only girl child, is quite different from her evil siblings and cares for Sanji. She doesn’t quite understand Sanji’s desire to become a chef as the experiments conducted by their father worked on him as well. However, Reiju frees Sanji from his shackles and sets him free. Reiju instructs Sanji to escape the confines of the dungeons, and it appears Sanji obliges, only to meet his father. Surprisingly, Judge Vinsmoke doesn’t stop Sanji from escaping, but does remind him that he considers him a failure and a weakling who will amount to nothing, reports The BitBag.

Switching to the current events, much to the disappointment of fans, Luffy D. Monkey is still fighting Big Mom’s tenth son Commander Cracker, who has been sent to prevent the Straw Hat leader from escaping the Seducing Woods, reports Manga Helpers. In the previous chapters, it was revealed Cracker had consumed the Bisu Bisu no Mi, also known as the paramecia-type Biscuit Devil Fruit. This gave him the power of creating as many biscuit soldiers or sentries as he wanted. It would be impossible for Luffy to attack and defeat them.


Interestingly, instead of attacking Cracker head-on, Luffy appears to have taken a novel approach of tiring his opponent instead. Hence, Luffy keeps on devouring whatever biscuit soldiers Cracker keeps generating in the hopes of exhausting the latter’s stamina.

One Piece manga chapter 841 doesn’t reveal if Luffy defeats Cracker, but it is quite likely that the former will merely subdue him long enough to escape the Seducing Woods and head to Whole Cake Island, where he intends to disrupt Sanji and Pudding’s wedding.

Will Luffy manage to reach Big Mom’s castle in time or will Sanji take a confrontational stand against his evil family? Hopefully One Piece manga chapter 842 will answer these questions.

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