Chris Bosh Stunned After Learning About Failed Physical Through Media

The relationship between All-Star forward Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat organization continues to become strained after he chided the team for not bringing the news about his failed physical personally.

A frustrated Bosh said that the Heat were not able to inform him about his failed physical last week before they put out a press release. A spokesman for the team responded that they were unable to get in touch with Bosh after texting, emailing, and calling him prior to putting out the press release.

While Bosh has agonizingly acknowledged that his playing days with the Heat are most likely over, he still insists that his NBA career is not yet done.

“I guess my career in Miami is done,” Bosh said in the latest episode of his ongoing series in Uninterrupted.

“My career is not done. There’s 29 other teams in the league. It’s a whole league. One team does not make the opinion of everything.”

Bosh said that he did not picture out his career with the Heat to end this way. He also claimed that the organization had not contacted him in any way regarding his status with the team.

“I didn’t get a call or a text, or anything like that. I mean, it’s a business. We all understand that. We always say those things. But if you say certain things to the person and you win championships and you have these moments, you don’t want to find things out through the media. It’s kind of tough.”

The gradually growing rift between Bosh and the Heat has gone beyond just a medical issue and seems to be leaning towards a potential contractual issue, as Bosh is promising that he plans to continue his playing career away from Miami.

While it is admirable that Bosh continues to remain positive about his playing career despite this most recent setback, the perennial All-Star does not have immediate control of his future. He is still under contract with the team until the 2018-2019 season for $76 million, all of which is guaranteed money. He is still in line to receive a $4.7 million day this Saturday, according to the terms stated in his contract.

Miami Heat Team President Pat Riley claims that it was Bosh who decided to cut off all communications with the Heat. [Image by Joe Skipper/AP Images]

The Heat will have to be able to take steps to remove Bosh from their salary cap and let insurance cover a huge chunk of the remaining money owed to him, but they will have to wait until Bosh has been out for one calendar year, which will be this coming February 2017. Bosh will become a free agent by then and can seek out a team that will medically clear him to play, something which Bosh believes is completely viable despite his multiple bouts with blood clots.

The only way for Bosh to become a free agent right now would be for the Heat to release him, which is very unlikely since this would mean he would have to willingly negotiate a contract buyout in which he will have to accept a significantly less amount of money.

ESPN has recently reported that Bosh has already parted ways with his longtime agent and is currently discussing the matter with the NBA Players Association, which is closely monitoring the situation.

Bosh did not provide any information on what it was in particular that caused him to fail his physical. The Miami Heat said they were unable to comment on the matter because of the league’s privacy rules.

Team president Pat Riley claims that Bosh has cut off all communications with the Heat organization, according to a report by CBS Sports this past Friday.

Bosh will turn 33 years old this coming March, so even if he is able to return to a point where a team will feel confident enough to allow him to resume his playing career, he may not have enough time to get his career back on track. However, the 11-time All Star has the type of game and basketball I.Q. that will allow him to still be an effective player late into his 30s, but before any of that can happen, he will have to get cleared first. If it does happen, then maybe Bosh and the Heat will be able to stop slinging mud at one another and move on from this chaotic episode.

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