Big Bird Appears On SNL’s Weekend Update [Video]

Big Bird has been the hot topic of discussion ever since Mitt Romney confirmed at the first presidential debate that he would pull funding from PBS despite his love of the giant educator of children. While Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew have remained quiet on the issue, Big Bird appeared last night on Saturday Night Live.

The eight-foot tall bird stood alongside Seth Meyers on the popular Weekend Update segment where they chatted about Mitt Romney and Sesame Street.

Big Bird declined to comment on Mitt Romney’s plans to destroy PBS, a public station that relies on $400 million per year in public funding.

As the giant yellow bird explained, he didn’t want to “ruffle any feathers” by commenting on politics.

The famous muppet then revealed he has received more than “a million tweets” over the last week.

Big Bird also revealed that he has become famous in the last week and is spotted in public a lot because he’s the only eight-foot talking bird walking down the street.

While the talk could have turned ugly with any other guest appearance, Big Bird kept it clean, ending with the following joke:

Question: Who like debates?

Answer: De-fishes.

Sesame Street from 2003 to2006 earned a reported $211 million from licensing and product sales; that huge sum of cash, which has likely grown over the years, has led Mitt Romney and his Republican counterparts to question why the show is produced using taxpayer money during a time of economic worry.

Here’s the Big Bird appearance on Saturday Night Live.