‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Won’t Reveal Ending To EP Scott Gimple [Video]

The Walking Dead is permanently cemented into history as one of the biggest phenomenon’s in all forms of entertainment. But for those who are unaware, the AMC show is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman who still holds a stranglehold over the content of the show and the canon.

On AMC network, The Walking Dead is a ratings juggernaut that has had Scott Gimple at the head of the show since Season 4. Since then, fans and industry professionals have given Scott Gimple a lion’s share of the credit for making The Walking Dead one of the biggest shows ever on cable and broadcast television.

But with all of that mojo as an executive producer and showrunner of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple is still at the mercy of Robert Kirkman for canon content, because The Walking Dead comic book is still going and it has not found a fitting conclusion to the universe as of yet.

As a matter of fact, the comic book series still has Negan in it as a main character, which means that the most current villain is still killing people and burning a path down the Walking Dead superhighway.

Some people might even say that The Walking Dead cannot end without the death of Negan first, but that does not seem to be on Robert Kirkman’s mind at all. He does not pander to the established formulas for popular fiction and that is what has made his content so successful.

Therein lies the biggest controversial move by Robert Kirkman to date. Even though he is not the top brass on The Walking Dead TV show on AMC (although he is way up there), he still holds the wind that flies the sails. His content is what powers the show and gives it direction, with purpose.

Robert Kirkman recently spoke with Kevin Smith on Geeking Out, as reported by The Huffington Post and uploaded to YouTube via AMC. It was perhaps the most interesting thing that Kirkman has ever revealed to fans of The Walking Dead, and it also seemed to be revealed unintentionally.

“If the [Walking Dead] show were ever to end — ever, at any point — and the comic was still going, I would have to sit down with [showrunner Scott Gimple] and pretend I have no idea how to end it, and then work with him to try and come up with a new ending,” Robert Kirkman told Kevin Smith.

Robert Kirkman certainly is not seeing the show as the final curtain call for The Walking Dead because he envisions the comic book series to go on long after the show on AMC ends.

“The comic was the comic before the show and I try to maintain that, like, I know how I want to end The Walking Dead,” Robert Kirkman told Kevin Smith.

Robert Kirkman said that he can’t tell anyone how The Walking Dead ends because he doesn’t want to feature it on the show before he gets it in his comic, which he anticipates the show ending before the comic book series ends.

“I don’t want it on the show before I get in my comic!” Robert Kirkman playfully exclaimed to Kevin Smith.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is seen as the big turning point for the show now that the introduction of Negan has occurred. With a villain of his caliber, Negan has an inherent legacy in The Walking Dead canon that foreshadows a whole new world for the core group that changes the rules and transcends everything that fans knew about it.

Fans can catch Season 7 of The Walking Dead on AMC on October 23.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]