Angelina Jolie Does Not Want To See Brad Pitt Prosecuted, Protecting Kids Not Punishing Brad

The reports about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce continue to surface following the UN ambassador having taken steps to end her two-year marriage and 12-year relationship with the Fight Club star.

There were ongoing rumors for months leading up to September 19, the day that the world won’t soon forget, when Jolie announced she was indeed filing for divorce from her star husband, who is also the father to her six children. Although claims of cheating and constant arguing were made prior to that fateful day, it was what occurred on September 15 when the A-list couple and their family were flying on a private jet to Los Angeles from Europe, that apparently led Angelina to take action.

Though the story is not completely clear, Pitt was said to have been quite intoxicated and became irate while on the journey. The actor then began yelling at Jolie, causing son Maddox, 15, to jump to his mother’s defense. However, claims that Brad was then physical with his teenage son have not been verified. There are conflicting stories, yet the behavior displayed by Pitt is said to have been what motivated Angelina.

An FBI investigation was reportedly then launched, and the star has said to be cooperative. Although there is video evidence, there is no clear sign that Brad was intentionally physical with Maddox. In the most recent details that have emerged, sources say that Angelina Jolie is not intent on seeing Pitt prosecuted or tried for his actions. The Daily Mail relays words of the source, who noted that Angelina will go “radio silent” if asked to testify against her estranged husband. The source goes on to state that Jolie’s prime concern is to look out for her children and not to punish Brad Pitt.

Sources also claim that there was not any intentional physical contact by Pitt towards Maddox, as Hollywood Life shares, therefore meaning, trying Pitt would be tough to do. The publication shares these details about the star and the situation he has found himself in.

“…sources say there was no intentional physical contact between the pair and that Brad only accidentally brushed Maddox’s shoulders in the argument. It was previously reported the actor will not be prosecuted according to multiple law enforcement sources involved in the case because there’s ‘no way to conclusively prove Brad intentionally inflicted harm on his son. MailOnline has contacted representatives for Brad and Angelina for comment. Brad has denied any allegations of abuse.”

Jolie, who immediately requested full custody of the couple’s six children, is being represented by high-profile divorce attorney Laura Wasser. The 48-year-old has represented stars such as Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds while both were involved in divorce proceedings.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ‘reach temporary custody deal’ via @todayng

— Nigeria Newsdesk (@NigeriaNewsdesk) October 1, 2016

Wasser stepped out Friday night in Los Angeles for a bite to eat, this appearance came following Brad and Angelina agreeing on a temporary custody deal that is to last three weeks. The agreement was reached on Friday, with the help of Wasser and the Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services. It involves 41-year-old Jolie maintaining physical custody of all six children. Brad Pitt will reportedly be granted monitored visitation for that duration and may be followed with non-monitored visits, depending on how things pan out. The 52-year-old has also agreed to random drug testing and the whole family will be involved in counseling.

A source shared the details about the temporary agreement, MailOnline reports.

“This temporary agreement will last until October 20. This is a completely voluntary agreement that has a structured decision-making plan. Neither Brad nor Angelina were forced to get counseling, they both volunteered to do so for the sake of the family.”

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