Paris Hilton All Grown Up: Her DJ Gig And Quest For A Soulmate

Paris Hilton is all grown up these days. She’s no longer the ditzy blonde she portrayed on The Simple Life with her former friend Nicole Richie. Paris is still very much a party girl, but she at least gets paid for it and doesn’t get in trouble.

The 35-year-old is no longer known as a reality star or heiress. In fact, she makes her money with her fragrances, Paris Hilton stores, and DJ gigs. Speaking of her DJ gigs, Hilton was paid $300,000 to perform in Serbia, according to reports. The Daily Mail and Perez Hilton both noted that Serbian folk singer Ceca wanted Hilton to perform at her party, which she did. Hilton had her concerns about her safety, so she enlisted the help of her security team, as seen below.

Thank you to my amazing security team for taking care of me during my trip to #Serbia. ???????? #MenInBlack

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In addition, Hilton attended Burning Man Festival and she performed her DJ residency in Ibiza, according to Adweek. In her September cover story with the magazine, Hilton explained how she easily transitioned into the social media scene.

“I’ve been in this industry for a long time now, and it’s so different nowadays with social media and being able to post and share everything. We didn’t have that growing up. But I definitely felt comfortable with it right away. I’ve always been a huge techie.”

Since Paris Hilton is so busy with her empire, she’s not sure if she wants to settle down and have a family like her sister Nicky. The socialite-turned-businesswoman opened up about what it’s like to be an aunt to Nicky’s daughter, Lily Grace.

“When I held her for the first time, I was crying with happiness, and I’ve never seen my sister so happy so that makes me emotional,” Hilton was quoted saying by The Mirror.

When asked if her sister’s pregnancy makes her want to settle down, Hilton said she wasn’t sure if getting married and having kids is in the cards for her.

“I’m so busy with my work that I don’t even have time for a relationship or even myself, so I would like to find someone someday that I could trust to have a family with but I don’t know, in my line of work it’s very hard,” Hilton explained.

According to the British newspaper, Hilton launched her latest fragrance, Gold Rush. She also has a series of resorts under her name as well as 50 eponymous boutiques across the globe. Hilton’s brand may not be as popular as Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits or Kardashian Beauty, but she has still made over $2 billion worth of sales from her 20 fragrances. In addition, Hilton gets paid up to $1 million for a single DJ set, according to Fact Mag. She makes more money than DeadMau5 and Tiesto, combined.

While Hilton is clearly too busy for a relationship, she still has a soulmate in mind. According to a report via Page Six, Hilton expressed interest in settling down one day in an interview with People.

“I’ve never seen Nicky so happy. She’s got a man that’s so loyal. I don’t trust because I got hurt so much in my life that I don’t want to put myself out there to get hurt again … But I would love one day to find my soulmate and someone who I could give my life to and build a life with and a family … Hopefully one day.”

With Nicky and her family back in her old neighborhood, Hilton says that she hopes to spend more time with her sister’s family despite her busy schedule, which takes her around the world.

“I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve worked really hard, I’ve built my empire,” Hilton said proudly. “I’m going nonstop, constantly traveling.”

Paris Hilton certainly isn’t the hard-partying girl she once was. Instead, she’s super focused on securing her business.

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Hugo Boss]