Man Yells ‘Bill Clinton Is A Rapist!’ On ‘Fox And Friends’ Live Broadcast, Winning $5,000 Bet From Radio Host Alex Jones

A man yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” during a live broadcast of Fox and Friends on Saturday morning, following through on an offer from radio host Alex Jones to give $5,000 to anyone willing to do that on live television.

The incident happened just before 8 a.m. when a young man wearing a blue suit walked up to the show’s live shot in Manhattan. Host Tucker Carlson laughed as the man opened his shirt to reveal a picture of Clinton and started shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” several times.

The man was eventually pulled away by members of the show’s security staff, and the hosts continued on without a hitch.

But the moment didn’t end there. Video of the man’s strange interruption went immediately viral with copies spreading across the internet, including Reddit’s Trump-supporting hub, The_Donald.

The man was likely responding to a pledge from right-wing radio host Alex Jones, who said he would give $5,000 to anyone who could get on television wearing one of the Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirts that he designed and shouting the words “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

“Anyone who gets on TV with the shirt on clearly for more than five minutes gets $1,000,” he pledged on Friday’s show, adding, “Anyone who gets the words out, ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist,’ or things along those lines, gets $5,000.”

Alex Jones has been pushing the “Bill Clinton is a rapist” trope for several months now. Back at the Republican National Convention in July, he teamed up with Trump adviser Roger Stone to design a t-shirt showing a smiling Bill Clinton with the word “RAPE” underneath it.

As the Alex Jones site Infowars noted at the time, it was one of a number of t-shirts popular at the RNC that attacked the Clintons personally.

“Thursday’s unveiling at the RNC was greeted by a crowd of about a dozen, whom ended up buying the T-shirts. However, attendees were also offered other designs displayed by street vendors around Cleveland that day. In one, Donald Trump punches Hillary Clinton in the face, while another has her behind bars. There’s also one with the inscription ‘Life’s a b***h. Don’t vote for one’, complete with Hillary’s recent battle-cry face.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton on stage at Hofstra University
Hillary Clinton and husband former President Bill Clinton after the presidential debate with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Hofstra University [Image by Joe Raedle/Pool via AP Images]

The young man who yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” on the set of Fox and Friends could also be reflecting Donald Trump’s new aggressive approach toward Hillary and Bill Clinton’s past scandals. After hinting at this week’s presidential debate that he was considering bringing up Bill’s infidelities, Trump did just that later in the week. Reports indicated that the Trump campaign sent talking points to surrogates aiming to bring up Bill’s past affairs and Hillary’s alleged role in attacking the women.

The attack came after Hillary Clinton baited Donald Trump into a spat over former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado, who said Trump called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” after she gained weight following her pageant win.

Trump continued his attack on Machado this week, saying his behavior was justified, and later tweeting a message telling followers to check out her “sex tape” (though no sex tape actually existed showing Machado).

The approach could backfire on Trump, the New York Times noted, as it would also shine a spotlight on his own infidelity.

“In an interview with The New York Times, he also contended that infidelity was ‘never a problem’ during his three marriages, though his first ended in an ugly divorce after Mr. Trump began a relationship with the woman who became his second wife.

“Speaking by phone from a campaign swing in Michigan, he said that he was ‘absolutely disgusted’ that Mrs. Clinton had allied herself politically with a Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, whom Mr. Trump had derided for gaining weight.”

It’s not clear year if the man who shouted “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” on Fox and Friends will get his $5,000 from Alex Jones.

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