‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: September 29 ‘BBOTT’ Weekday Replay Recap, Introductions, Alliances, And Showmance

Big Brother: Over the Top premiered online Wednesday night with each cast member entering the house live on CBS All Access. There was no standard produced show, and things seemed to just happen organically as one-by-one the houseguests walked into the Big Brother abode and became familiar with the house and one another.

On Thursday night, September 29, the first Weekday Recap was streamed at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, which brought viewers up-to-date on all the house happenings. In addition, this premiere recap hinted at the very first Big Brother: Over the Top Head of Household (HOH) competition.

The recap began by noting there are 13 houseguests this season who will by vying for $250,000 (regular seasons of Big Brother offer the winner double that amount or $500,000).


During the introduction, the announcer gave each one of the BBOTT cast mates nicknames beginning with Scott Dennis, the debt collector, who was labeled “The Virgin.” Next, Morgan Willett was called, “The Texas Cheerleader,” Shane Chapman “The Roofer,” Neeley Jackson “The High End Sales Clerk,” Shelby Stockton “The Law School Grad,” Cornbread was called “The Country Boy,” Krissie Ridolfi “The Rocker,” Whitney Hogg “The Southern Belle,” Justin Duncan “The Creole Cook,” Alex Willett “The Gamer,” Monte Massongill was labeled “The Mississippi Stud Muffin,” and Danielle Lickey “The Preschool Teacher.”

It was also revealed that Morgan and Alex are sisters, but plan to keep their relationship a secret because they believe revealing they are blood relatives will only place a huge target on their backs. They each want to play their own individual Big Brother: Over the Top games without being tied to one another.


After all of the newbies had gotten a chance to chat with one another, they learned a Big Brother veteran had been chosen to return to the game. The viewing audience voted to send either Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 or Jozea Flores of Big Brother 18 fame into the Big Brother: Over the Top house, and Jason obtained a majority of America’s votes.


Jason was the last and final houseguest to enter the game, and it seemed as though Scott was the only other player that was fully familiar with his game. Scott commented in a Diary Room session that he probably won’t want to work too closely with Jason because he feels like Jason “has something to prove this time” around in the Big Brother house.


The houseguests then gathered in the living room area to drink champagne and formally introduce themselves, as is customary each season of Big Brother. During the meet-and-greet, it was clear that Morgan and Alex weren’t the only houseguests with a secret, as Shelby decided not to disclose she was a law school graduate and instead told the others she worked as a waitress.

Not long after, Big Brother host Julie Chen appeared on the living room monitor to inform the houseguests of some differences between regular Big Brother seasons and the online-only version of the show, Big Brother: Over the Top.

“On Big Brother: Over the Top, there is no jury. When you’re out of the game, you’re out of the game for good. That’s because, on finale night, America will be choosing the winner of Big Brother: Over the Top.”


Also, the first night in the house, it appeared that Justin was attracted to Danielle and let her know she could visit him in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, so he could show her a good time. Justin also asked Danielle if she had “somebody back at home,” and was pleased to learn she did not.

In the meantime, Jason became suspicious of sisters Morgan and Alex, telling some of the others he thought they looked exactly the same. Justin agreed with Jason’s assessment that the two houseguests have the same face and hair.


Later on, after the lights went out in the back bedroom, Scott, Shane, Monte, and Cornbread formed the first alliance in Big Brother: Over the Top. Cornbread suggested the name of “The Four Horsemen,” which, according to Buddy TV, was the name of an all-male alliance in Big Brother 5.

The new alliance discussed who they might target first to send out the door and both Justin and Danielle’s names were bandied about because, as Monte noted, “I could see that being a showmance.”


Alex and Whitney, however, came together in another area of the house to talk about who they might like to target for eviction and were concerned about Jason. Whitney stated, “America loves big personalities like Jason,” and Alex agreed, stating the “live feeders… love him.” Whitney expressed the belief that there would be no way she’d make it to the end with Jason because “America loves him.”


Eventually, on Thursday, the houseguests were presented with a mysterious clue that consisted of a bottle with blue liquid sitting near the kitchen, with a card next to it that read, “Only one may drink. Expect the unexpected.” Little did they know, this was the start of the first ever Big Brother: Over the Top HOH competition.


The recap ended with the houseguests gathering around the bottle, desperately trying to figure out what it and clue next to it meant and what would happen if one of them was bold enough to take a swig of the liquid that looked like mouthwash.

Big Brother: Over the Top streams 24 hours a day, seven days a week on CBS All Access, with CBS promising no blackouts, even during competitions. Every night at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the show will air a Weekday Replay of house events, however, its regular schedule is as follows (it should be noted all times shown are Eastern):


10 p.m. – Final Weekly Safety Ceremony and Nomination Reveal


4 p.m. – Power of Veto Competition


4 p.m. – Power of Veto Meeting

10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


10 p.m. – Weekly Full Episode

11 p.m. – Live Eviction

12 a.m. – Head of Household (HOH) Competition


Julie Chen Live Interviews with Houseguests and Recent Evictee


10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


4 p.m. – Weekly Have Not Reveal

10 p.m. – Safety Ceremony

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