NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh Done With The Miami Heat, Could He Join The Chicago Bulls?

It appears that Chris Bosh’s days with the Miami Heat are numbered, and he could end up with a team like the Chicago Bulls. For that to happen, a couple of things will have to take place in the coming months. One thing is certain, the Chris Bosh era with the Miami Heat has taken a premature curtain call. Bosh’s career might be over in the blink of an eye.

Chris Bosh has dealt with a pulmonary embolism for the two-plus years. The ailment, and the fear of it returning, has kept Bosh on the sidelines on two consecutive seasons at the All-Star break. Bosh was hoping to return at the start of this upcoming season.

In a surprising turn for the worst, Chris Bosh failed his physical with the Heat a week ago, according to the Sun-Sentinel. At the time, the Heat addressed their situation with Chris Bosh in a statement.

“The Miami HEAT and Chris Bosh, in consultation with team doctors and other physicians, have been working together for many months with the mutual goal of having Chris return to the court as soon as possible. Chris has now taken his pre-season physical. The Miami HEAT regret that it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities, and there is no timetable for his return.”

The timetable could be no return at all for the future hall of fame player, at least not with the Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh’s days with the Miami Heat appear to be done. Since he is not looking to retire, he may wind up playing elsewhere. [Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]

Chris Bosh has come to the harsh realization that his time with the Heat are over. Bosh feels that he can still play. He also believes that the Heat will not clear him purposely. It is a possibility that the Heat want to get out of Bosh’s contract.

The Heat are on the hook to pay Bosh $76 million over the next three seasons. Their only reprieve is to wait out the process and hope that either Chris Bosh miraculously receives a clean bill of health or retires. Neither option is realistic at this point, thus the standstill that exists. Chris Bosh is reportedly upset with the Heat and how they have handled his medical ordeal.

According to ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst, Bosh found out about his failed physical through media reports. He sees the writing on the wall about the Heat’s desire to move forward.

He shared his feelings on his video series from Uninterrupted.

“I didn’t see my career in Miami ending like this. I didn’t get a call or a text or anything like that. I mean, it’s a business. We understand that. We always say those things. But if you say certain things to the person and you win championships and you have these moments, you don’t want to find things out through the media. It’s kind of tough. We say all these things, the commitment, brotherhood and all these things. And then, for whatever reason, you find out, or I find out like this. So, it hurts.”

Bosh’s hurt feelings turned into defiance.

“There’s 29 other teams, it’s a whole league. One team does not make up the opinion of everything.”

The Miami Heat can seek a medical insurance waiver on Bosh if he sits out a full calendar year. That would date back retroactively to his last game on February 9. If Bosh is forced to sit out until then, the Heat can lobby to the NBA offices to have his contract stripped away from their salary cap. That would immediately make Bosh a free agent.

The Heat will still have to pay Bosh his $76 million, which will likely be spread over several years, not the three he has remaining on his deal. Any team interested in bringing Bosh along could do so under a bargain contract. It would be a risky move, but the reward can potentially be better.

Could Chris Bosh reunite with Dwyane Wade on the Chicago Bulls? [Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]

The most sensible destination for Bosh would be the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls already have his friend and former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade in the fold. The Bulls have a need for a big man who can step up and make jumpers. Bosh, formerly an inside force, has settled into the role of stretch-four quite nicely. If the Bulls were able to add Bosh, they could become an instant title contender. That is if he can get a somewhat clean bill of health.

A potential Bulls lineup of Bosh, Wade, Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo, and Robin Lopez could be formidable. The risk for the Bulls would be minimal at best. The investment the Bulls, or any other team, would make is for four months. If Bosh can prove to stay healthy, it would be worth it for four months.

The longer Bosh sits out, the healthier he can become to help another team.

If things play out the way that should, Bosh will receive his release from the Miami Heat and walk away to another team.

The Bulls would not be the only team interested in bringing Chris Bosh on. The San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and Toronto Raptors could all wind up involved or the Heat get their way. It will be intriguing to see how things turn out.

Can Chris Bosh get healthy and stay healthy long enough to help a team like the Bulls if he were to become available on the free agency market in February? Teaming up with Wade for one more go around could revitalize him.

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