Taylor Swift Pursuing Prince Harry Rumors Persist, As Truth Behind Cressida Bonas Split Is Revealed

The fifth in line to the throne of the Commonwealth, Prince Harry, may well be the world’s most eligible bachelor. And he is enjoying the status. When his two-year relationship with Cressida Bonas ended in 2014, it devastated royal watchers everywhere, who were certain Cressie was “The One.”

But it also sent the fifth in line to the throne on a two-year-long mission of single status that, by all accounts, continues today. He has not settled down with a woman since, casting more credibility to the notion that Cressida Bonas really was a serious contender for the next royal wedding.

Since then, Prince Harry has not only been seen with multiple Cressida Bonas-like prototypes, he’s also been rumored with just as many. The latest rumor churning the gossip mill is that pop singer Taylor Swift is pining for Prince Harry, and she is looking for an introduction, reports Ace Showbiz.

Life & Style magazine reported this week that Taylor Swift has been trying to woo the Prince with her very own private jet, and that she has “set her sights” on Prince Harry, according to a source to the magazine. This has yet to be confirmed by a second or named source, but the source did tell Life & Style magazine, reportedly, that Taylor Swift was using her friendship with Ellie Goulding to help her seal the deal.

This makes things interesting, as the Inquisitr reported this summer that Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding had been seen hitting it off during a summer event.

“Taylor has set her sights on Prince Harry. She’s always been attracted to British men and has been telling people that she’d love to become Princess Taylor….she’s enlisting the help of one of Harry’s rumored former flames, singer Ellie Goulding. She’s begging Ellie to set them up.”

The source also reportedly told Life & Style that Taylor Swift wanted to impress Prince Harry with her private plane, and that if he was too busy to come to America, she’d happily meet him in London for a date.


There is no confirmation that there is any merit at all to the notion that there may be a Princess Taylor in the Commonwealth’s future. Gossip Cop is doing everything they can to squash the Prince Harry and Taylor Swift rumors, saying, no it isn’t so. Gossip Cop says this isn’t even the first time this rumor was launched.

In 2013 The Sun reported very similar wording that Taylor Swift “had sights set on meeting Prince Harry.” At the time, it was also reported by the Star that Taylor Swift was asking her friend, Gwyneth Paltrow, to “help her find a British husband.” Gossip Cop also says that both of those stories were “utterly false,” and citing their own source, report that they believe the latest churning of the Prince Harry-Taylor Swift rumor mill to be false as well.

The closest Prince Harry and Taylor Swift have been by documented accounts, was the time they appeared on the cover of Hello! Magazine together, in two unrelated stories.


Meanwhile, as the Prince Harry and Taylor Swift rumors persist, some truth is coming out on the real reason behind the breakup that has kept the prince single for two years, and the breakup that devastated royal watchers everywhere. The Telegraph reports that a biographer who is close with Cressida Bonas’s mother has said that the split was caused by the constant criticism that Cressida received whenever she was out with Prince Harry.

Ingrid Seward is a royal biographer who has authored books such as Queen Elizabeth: The Diamond Celebration and Princes of the Palace is friends with Cressida’s mother, reports the Telegraph. Seward is considered a credible source of the royals, and is frequently up close and personal with the royal family.

She says that 27-year-old Cressida was done with the relationship after having become “fed up” over constant online and street criticism during her relationship with Prince Harry.

“This is just a normal, pretty girl and she just couldn’t take it. She just thought ‘why are they getting at me?'”

Seward says Cressida would hear criticism every time they went out, even on the streets. People were constantly taking pictures of her, and criticizing the fact that her laces weren’t tied up, or making fun of her fashion choices. Seward described the pressure as “a kind of evil,” reports the Telegraph.

If there is anyone that can handle social media attention in a relationship with Prince Harry it would certainly be social media savvy Taylor Swift, and she does fit the blonde prototype that Prince Harry appears to have. But both parties may be too busy to be taking any relationship, with or without each other, seriously.

Taylor Swift is taking her single life seriously, and checking in with her girls. TMZ reported that Taylor Swift recently went out on the town with her friends in a “no boys allowed” night. The Inquisitr also reported that Taylor Swift was in the hospital recently when another girlfriend of hers, Blake Lively, had a baby.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is keeping an eye on his charity work, and not much else, by all accounts. He may or may not have Taylor Swift swooning, but she is not the only one. BBC reports that Prince Harry had the ladies in Scotland all aflutter recently when he attended Aberdeenshire in Scotland at the Mackie Academy to promote The Diana Award, which was established in the memory of his mother.

Prince Harry’s attendance at the event was to honor the award, and to discuss the importance of outdoor activity and outdoor learning to the young people there. He even got a little hands-on in being active, and was asked by the crowd if he could “dab,” form of urban dance. In true Prince Harry form, he did a little dab for the crowd, and the ladies went wild.

Prince Harry is now in Norway for the Triplex 16 event, his next charity work, a military humanitarian and protection exercise, touted as one of the largest of its kind in the world. Taylor Swift will be headlining the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, this weekend, according to the Taylor Swift event schedule. What is your take on this rumor?

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