September 30, 2016
Michael Zammitti, Sean Fitzpatrick: Wakefield Concrete Murder Case Airing On 'Nightmare Next Door' On ID

Michael Zammitti Jr. was shot and killed at his workplace in Wakefield, Massachusetts, 10 years ago. His case is the highlighted story on Investigation Discovery's Nightmare Next Door. The episode chronicling the story is "Death Takes a Toll."

Police say Michael Zammitti Jr. and his co-worker Chester Roberts were gunned down by Sean Fitzpatrick, who was having an affair with Michael Zammitti's wife, Michelle. Nightmare Next Door's coverage will show that Sean Fitzpatrick was found guilty of the double murders and sentenced to two life sentences.

Double Murders At Concrete Company

In March of 2006, police were called to Allstate Concrete Pump Inc. in Wakefield, where they found the bodies of Chester Roberts and Michael Zammitti Jr. The victim's father, Michael Zammitti Sr., told police that he had just arrived on the scene that morning when he found Chester Roberts lying in a pool of blood. Worried about his son, the elder gentleman went upstairs to look for Michael Zammitti Jr. He found Michael Jr. still seated in his office chair with a gunshot wound to the head or face.

Investigators believed that Chester Roberts had been shot as the killer was trying to flee the building. In his case, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Michael Zammitti Jr. seemed to be the target. But why? Police believed that this could be a case of a disgruntled former employee or the result of a bad business deal.

But when those theories were tossed out, they began looking inside of Michael Zammitti's life. They learned from family and friends that a man named Sean Fitzpatrick had been particularly close to the family. But there was a better reason that police took a closer look at Sean Fitzpatrick, Officer Baker told NBC News.

"We had discussed at length with the families–anybody that they could even fathom might have animosity with their family. And Michael Zammitti Jr.'s mother had indicated to us that there was a person–in Freedom, New Hampshire named Sean Fitzpatrick and that on one occasion, she had seen her daughter-in-law in an embrace with Sean that she deemed, in her opinion, to be inappropriate for a married mother to have been in."

Michael Zammitti's wife, Michelle, was involved in an affair with family friend Sean Fitzpatrick. In fact, detectives learned that Sean Fitzpatrick was so close to the Zammittis that their children called him "uncle."

Soon, a sexual relationship developed between Michelle Zammitti and Sean Fitzpatrick. When police asked her about it, Michelle finally confessed that she had been involved with Sean Fitzpatrick, but that she had broken off the relationship as an attempt to repair things with her husband.

According to Michelle, Sean Fitzpatrick, a confirmed bachelor for most of his life, was upset that she had decided to try to make her marriage work. Eventually, Sean Fitzpatrick began harassing her and had become physically violent, according to court records found at Justia Law.

"Michele made clear that she would not leave her husband, stating that the only way she and the defendant could be together would be if her husband left her or if 'something happened to him.' The defendant became angry; he pounded his fist on the table and shoved Michele into her automobile, slamming the door shut."

Detectives continued to build their investigation until they were finally able to make an arrest. At trial, the case against Sean Fitzpatrick was mostly circumstantial. Still, a jury found him guilty and gave him two life sentences for killing two innocent people.

Although Michael Zammitti's wife had no direct connection or involvement with the murder of her husband, many believe that the affair with Sean Fitzpatrick was the real cause of death for Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts.

You can see how investigators solved the case by watching Nightmare Next Door tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Last week's Nightmare Next Door told the story of Veronica Bozza.

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