WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige To Undergo Neck Surgery, May Miss At Least A Year Of Action

WWE Superstar Paige has been out of action for some time now. She had to recently miss a month due to failing a test that was part of the WWE Wellness Policy. She claims that she didn’t fail, but rather could not be there in time to take the test and got an auto-fail, which has happened in the past to people across a variety of different fields. Regardless of how, she did end up missing a month due to the book failure. Before this, she was missing some time with nagging injuries.

It was rumored she was having neck and back problems and even weakness in her arm, which usually happens to those who have been in the business a while. Often times, it results in retirement. However, most tend to have the issue later in life, usually the 30’s and beyond. However, Paige is only 24 years old. That meant that she very well could have surgery and end up correcting the issue with no problems coming out of it.

That seems to be exactly what Paige is going for. She tweeted out yesterday that she planned to undergo surgery soon, saying the following on her personal Twitter account.

“Been quiet for a while. Time to get the neck fixed so I can come back and kick some ass. Thanks to Dr Uribe yesterday. One of the best doctors I’ve seen. Gave me two great surgery options. Makes you think about risks you have to take when it comes to this business, the things you put your body through to entertain the masses. Still wouldn’t change it for the world. Thanks to everyone for the continued support.”

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Obviously neck surgery is no joke. Typically the options for neck surgery have to do with how they perform it, this may very well be what was described to her. It is unknown exactly what will go down, but the hope is that this could end up fixing all of Paige’s issues. On top of the time off, she could come back at 100 percent and be able to compete at a high level once again. At least that is the hope after surgeries like this.

WWE SmackDown Live star Nikki Bella recently got back from neck surgery, although her surgery was very different compared to the things Paige has to have worked on, she was still at risk for her career ending. Literally, if one thing didn’t heal up then Bella may never have wrestled again. She was 31 when she had the surgery and she had been doing a finisher called “the rack attack” that lead to most of her issues.

In the case of Paige, it was not as if she did one move that ended up causing her issues. This was simply something that built up over time, similar to what we saw with someone like Daniel Bryan, who sadly retired due to concussion issues earlier this year. The lucky part for Paige is that she is young and does not fall into categories Bryan and Bella fell into. She is simply compared due to the neck surgery situation.

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The worst part about this entire thing is that Paige may end up missing at least a year due to the surgery. It was hoped that she could avoid it early on, however this is not always the case for people who build up issues over time. Again, her youth really helps her out here. Having this surgery now may end up repairing her problem for good or it very well could only do it for a short time. There is a big hope that she will at least wrestle out her contract with the WWE.

Right now, her WWE deal expires in 2019. If she misses time due to her surgery, she will end up adding the missing time to her contract. WWE has the right to add time wrestlers spend out. They did this with Rey Mysterio a number of times and of course did it with Daniel Bryan. If he never missed a day, his deal would have most likely expired this year. Now he has about two years left on his deal before it can run out.

Paige will fall under the same category. Hopefully this will end up being her last surgery and she’ll be able to come back and do even better than before. You never truly know if this will occur or not, but the hope is high for someone like Paige. WWE will be 100 percent supportive and we may end up getting progress on her return like we’ve seen WWE do with others. It is not known exactly when Paige will go under the knife, but it appears as if it will happen very soon.

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