BTS K-Pop Comeback: ‘WINGS’ Will Be Bangtan Boys’ Second Full-Length Album, Releases Teasers And Details Such As Release Date

So far, the majority of 2016 has been owned by the popular boy group BTS. The K-pop act signed under Big Hit Entertainment, who are also known as the Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boyscouts, has a plethora of accomplishments just this year alone. In May, they released an album which was also the third installment in their The Most Beautiful Moment In Life trilogy, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever. Though it was a compilation album, it did feature new songs including “Fire” and “Save Me.” When their third anniversary came around, BTS released the unplugged version of their song “Young Forever.” Finally, BTS released a new video titled “BTS in Dubai” which shows their adventures in the United Arab Emirates.

Apparently, BTS is not finished bringing it this year. Reports now show they are making another K-pop comeback with their second full-length album titled WINGS. They, through Big Hit Entertainment, are currently releasing teasers to help build hype and promotion.

The news of BTS’ next comeback was first made known through a series of comeback trailers starting on Monday, September 5. Their latest video was of J-Hope, as reported by AllKpop. Following the same format of previous comebacks (Rap Monster for Dark & Wild, Suga for The Most Beautiful Moment In Life trilogy), this trailer featured J-Hope in a video titled “Boys Meet Evil” in which J-Hope shows off his dance moves and rapping skills.

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment would then follow up with a series of teaser images released on the former’s official Instagram. Following the same tactic many other K-pop acts have utilized for their own official Instagram accounts, BTS posted numerous updates showing a portion of an image. Only when fans go directly to the main page of the BTS Instagram account would they be able to see the complete image. According to Soompi, the first two members featured in concept images were Jungkook and Rap Monster.

Jungkook (right) and Rap Monster (left) are the first two members of BTS featured in concept images for the K-pop group’s comeback for the second full-length album “WINGS.” [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]
In Jungkook’s solo concept images, he is pictured on a bed while wearing clothing reminiscent of a starry night. [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]
Rap Monster’s solo image concept for “WINGS” comeback is him in a room with mirrors and broken sculptures. [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]

Eventually, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS would follow up with more promotional images on their official Instagram. In their second set, they featured group members Jimin and Suga.

Jimin and Suga are featured in the second update of promotional images for BTS’ second full-length album “WINGS.” [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]
In Suga’s solo promotional image for “WINGS,” he is wearing a glittering coat in the dark. [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]
In Jimin’s solo promotional images for “WINGS,” he is seen artistically with apples. [Image by Big Hit Entertainment]

So far, four of the seven members of BTS have been featured in pairs or solo. There are still three more members whose images have not been shown as of yet (though they are up on as puzzle-pieced posts on Instagram). They are Jin, V, and J-Hope. Given the fact that the remaining members make up an odd number, Big Hit Entertainment will either pair two of them and have one solo, or group all three together.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of time for K-pop fans, especially those who are part of the A.R.M.Y. (devoted fan club of BTS), before WINGS releases on Wednesday, October 5. Until then, it is expected that BTS will release more teaser images, including group images, and teaser videos for their comeback’s featured song.

[Featured Image by Big Hit Entertainment]

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