Former ‘Idol’ Judge Steven Tyler Calls ‘BS’ On Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj Diva Dust-Up [Video]

Even though a leaked video seemingly confirmed what we had all suspected about newly-minted American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, Steven Tyler is calling “BS” on the alleged diva feud.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sat on the Idol judges panel for two seasons, so as far as an authority on Idol producer antics, you could do worse finding a guy who knows what he’s talking about. The show’s producers and emcee Ryan Seacrest have reassured the public that all is well with the new judging panel, while new judge and country star Keith Urban has hinted that the diva feud is legitimate.

So what are we to believe? American Idol has been subjected to flagging ratings recently, so is the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj dust-up a producer pet project to drum up some publicity?

Absolutely, according to Steven Tyler.

“This is one of the best, most passionate, dynamic and invested judging panels we’ve ever had,” said Idol producers in an official statement following the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj diva feud tape. “We love and support all of the judges and the fantastic work they are doing, and we can’t imagine a better group to find the next American Idol.”

Tyler says that the whole statement was pointless, because the feud was created by the producers for publicity.

Mariah Carey famously reached out to Barbara Walters to discuss the feud, which caused Nicki Minaj to blow up her Twitter feed with criticism for Carey’s low blow. According to Walters, after a meeting on Wednesday attended by the two, Minaj told Carey, “I love you, but we might fight again,” to which Carey responded, “No, we will not.”

Both videos are below: First, Steven Tyler calling ‘BS’ on the Idol feud, and then Barbara Walters discussing her meeting with Mariah Carey.

Steven Tyler Calls Bulls**t on Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj Fued
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Do you think that the American Idol feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj is the real deal? Is it pure fiction to drum up publicity? Do you care at all? Sound off!