WWE Rumors: Big Show And Mark Henry Being Phased Out

Jack Windham

WWE rumors point to an "out with the old, in with the new" scenario taking place on their main roster. According to 411 Mania, Big Show and Mark Henry are being phased out as in ring performers. The two of them are being moved to more of a corporate role.

Big Show is now 44 years of age. He made his debut in professional right before the nWo took the world by storm. That is a lot of wear and tear on the man legally known as Paul Wight, especially since he often times weighs more than 400 pounds. Father Time was eventually going to come calling.

Mark Henry is 45 years of age. He recently just celebrated his two decades working for WWE. Most wrestlers in the industry would love to be gainfully employed for that long of a tenure. A steady paycheck from World Wrestling Entertainment beats having to find independent wrestling shows to work.

Big Show has not been seen on WWE television programs since July. Management has opted to utilize him at various live events that the company does across the country. Big Show is still a special attraction for fans that attend those events, and the creative department does not have to create stories for him.

Mark Henry, on the other hand, has not been utilized on television since August. WWE also uses him to work various live events. Henry will also be called upon for random television appearances on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live whenever needed.

Being absent from television might be a very good thing for Big Show and Mark Henry. Overexposure is one of the worst things for a professional wrestler because fans tend to grow bored with characters that they see all the time. By using them sparingly, the audience might provide a warmer response.

Mark Henry and Big Show have had issues with their weight over the years. It is really hard for performers to maintain their workout and dieting routines when they are constantly on the road. Both guys have shown the ability to slim down when they are given a certain amount of time off the road.

As backup performers, Big Show and Mark Henry can be called upon whenever younger performers need some time off. Dean Ambrose has reportedly been scheduled to take some time away because he has been working nonstop for a couple of years now. Big Show or Henry can fill his roster spot temporarily.

Mark Henry has publicly stated before that he intends on retiring as an in ring performer after his current deal with WWE expires. He wants to remain with the company in a backstage role of some sort.

As for Big Show, there is a chance that he might try to find his way towards Hollywood. He has a unique look that might intrigue the studios. Plus, Big Show has long wanted to do comedy. The South Carolina native could always make random appearances in WWE after that point.

Regardless of how much the legendary Terry Funk has tried to disprove the notion, no one can remain in the professional wrestling business forever. It is best for business if WWE were to shuffle in new talent, so it makes all the sense in the world that Big Show and Mark Henry are being phased out.

[Featured Image by WWE]