September 29, 2016
Is 'Southern Charm' Auditioning Eliza Limehouse To Pressure Kathryn Dennis Into Returning?

As if Southern Charm didn't bring the drama in season three, once again the behind-the-scenes wrangling is taking center stage. Right now, Bravo is said to be auditioning 20-year-old polo enthusiast Eliza Limehouse to replace Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm. But now, information has surfaced that Bravo is courting Limehouse as a bargaining tool to get Kathryn back on board, even though it is sort of late in the game. If Kathryn doesn't return, Bravo may add Eliza Limehouse and Jennifer Snowden to the mix as an attempt to replace the fiery redhead.

Fans of Southern Charm expected to see the next chapter of how Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel hopefully manage co-parenting, as reported by the Inquisitr. The surge of messages on Twitter from Southern Charm fans bewildered that after three seasons, Bravo hasn't resigned Kathryn is huge, with fans asking why the series would return without Dennis. Though she also has her detractors, many fans think that the show shouldn't go on without her. Last season, a pack, seemingly led by Patricia Altschul, encouraged others on the cast not to shoot with Kathryn. Could this current stand-off be mean girls part 2?

Fitsnews generally has the 411 when it comes to all things South Carolina, and they confirm that Southern Charm is filming season four at various locations around the state. But now, they are also reporting that blonde heiress and polo player Eliza Limehouse is mixing with the cast to see if she is a good for the new season of Southern Charm. But they are also wondering if Limehouse has been invited to push Kathryn into returning.

"Is Limehouse being used as a negotiating tool to bring Dennis back into the fold? Possibly."


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Recently, Bravo shot Southern Charm at a polo match that was at Thomas Ravenel's plantation. Ravenel's team played against Limehouse Produce, the polo team owned by Eliza Limehouse's father, Chip Limehouse. Sources say that Bravo was pleased with Eliza Limehouse on and off the field.

"If that's indeed the goal, then Bravo producers have to be happy with the splash she made. In fact, Limehouse's appearance at a polo match held last weekend at Ravenel's Brookland Plantation completely drowned out U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford's surprise appearance on the Southern Charm set."

The one hitch that Bravo might have in adding Limehouse to the cast of Southern Charm is her age. Few events, outings, or even conversations on Southern Charm don't involve adult beverages, and Bravo would be walking a fine line avoiding the appearance of serving alcohol to a minor. In many cases, twenty-year-old men and women do drink, but it is in violation of the law to serve alcohol to a twenty-year-old person. It's hard to imagine being the only sober person at any Southern Charm party. It also seems to be a stretch for fans to believe that Limehouse at twenty would be best buds with Ravenel, a man in his fifties, who is likely closer in age to Limehouse's dad, Chip.

Sources are saying that right now, Bravo is considering several options.
"According to our sources, Southern Charm's producers are 'very intrigued' by her potential as a cast member – although we're reliably informed that they are 'exploring several options' in the event a deal with Dennis cannot be struck."
Reality Tea says that Eliza Limehouse might just be the newest member of the Southern Charm crew, as the show could use a bit more female energy. In their opinion, adding Limehouse would bring new life to the show.

But the readers comments after the piece tell a different story.

"Great, all Southern Charm needs is an annoying teenager. That and Landon? No thanks."

"There is no Southern Charm without Kathryn. She makes the show."

"Check out Eliza's IG acct, drinking in almost every photo (and she's 19) and captioning photos of her "dates" who look old enough to be her dad. She'll fit right in with this bunch."

"I will only accept this new girl if she makes Landon's life a living hell. Mean and conniving."

Other comments suggested that Eliza Limehouse is actually 19, which would be Thomas Ravenel's dating demographic.

Do you think Eliza Limehouse would be a good addition to the Southern Charm cast? Will you watch if Kathryn doesn't return?

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