Kate Middleton Pregnant? Queen Elizabeth Is Furious With The Duke And Duchess

Kate Middleton is pregnant sooner than we thought. Though the duke and duchess are currently busy on a royal tour of Canada, they are still making preparations for their third baby.

While Middleton and Prince William are beyond excited about another addition to their family, Queen Elizabeth is allegedly furious with the news, reported Game N’ Guide. Sources close to the royal family have said the queen is having major doubts about the new addition to the family. She feels that “having another royal baby right now is not a very wise idea.” In fact, Queen Elizabeth has been described as being “enraged” when she found out the news.

Kate Middleton being pregnant has only furthered the rift between the duchess and the queen. While Middleton has been eager to add another little one to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth begs to differ. The monarch believes the only reason Prince William and the duchess want to have another child is to avoid their royal duties. This is not the first time this accusation has come up. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been awarded the title of “the laziest royal couple in the history of the British monarchy.”

Though Kate Middleton is pregnant, she and Prince William have been questioned on multiple occasions about their parenting skills. Celebrity Dirty Laundry recently reported that Middleton was caught on camera squatting to reprimand her son, Prince George. Queen Elizabeth was reportedly unhappy with Middleton’s unladylike behavior. This isn’t the only time the queen has been angered by the duke and duchess’ behavior in public. Prince William previously crouched down to lecture George on his poor behavior, while on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. As you can imagine, Queen Elizabeth gave William an earful when he did this. In fact, the monarch publicly scolded him for his uncouth ways.

While Kate Middleton is pregnant, she still has her hands full with her oldest son, Prince George, and her daughter, Prince Charlotte. The duchess allegedly implements a lot of modern parenting techniques in raising her children, reported Celebrity Dirty Laundry. While Middleton is very active with her kids and will do things such as bend down to communicate with her children, these interactive ways have gotten her in trouble with the queen.

Not only does Queen Elizabeth believe that having a third child is just another opportunity for the royal couple to avoid their duties, but she reportedly feels that they can barely handle the two children they have.

Kate Middleton being pregnant could greatly impact how she raises her current kids. Game N’ Guide has reported that Prince George’s awful behavior has been a challenge for the duke and duchess. Their oldest son has been both described as “loud” and a “brat.” Perhaps Kate Middleton and Prince William should hold off on having another child until they can get Prince George’s attitude problem in check.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have allegedly been exhibiting some weird behaviors while on tour in Canada. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Middleton had to reassure her son that everything was okay, when the family first arrived in the country.

Kate Middleton being pregnant has been rumored to be a way for the duke and duchess to save their marriage. Game N’ Guide has recently reported that Prince William and his wife have recently been fighting nonstop. The two believe they don’t have enough time to spend with each other and their children. Hopefully, when the royal couple has their third child, their deteriorating marriage will be saved.

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