Rod Stewart’s Autobiography Details The Singer’s Philandering And Cheating Guilt

Rod Stewart opens up about the countless lovers her took to bed while cheating on his wife in a new autobiography. He admits to extreme philandering behavior and notes his actions sickened him with shame. The “If You Want My Body And You Think I’m Sexy” singer’s book is being touted as the rock autobiography of the decade.

Stewart notes he was an avid seeker of new experiences and had an insatiable appetite for beautiful women. He called his lovers, “Miss Inbetweens” and there were allegedly scores of them during his younger years, the Daily Mail reports. He reportedly rationalized his behavior at the time by believing that as a rock star, he a lot of drinking and sexual exploits to get done.

Rod Stewart had this to say about his wild days:

“And, incidentally, I never thought in this period that the ‘being a rock star’ aspect of being a rock star was something I needed to apologize for. Anyway, by 1983, I was living in Los Angeles and had been married for four years to my first wife, Alana Hamilton, by whom I had two children. That summer, I went to a preview screening of Porftolio, a docudrama set in the fashion world, featuring models from the Elite agency. As moments in movie history go, it wasn’t exactly Citizen Kane, but a face on the screen took my breath away. I decided I had to meet her.”

Stewart, 67, is now married to Penny Lancaster, the mother of his two youngest daughters, The New Zealand Herald reports. The “Maggie Mae” singer goes on to detail his partying with various women in great detail and fun events which took place at Elton John’s house. Rod Stewart opened up about his famous hairstyles, noting he used sugar set with the heat from a hairdryer to create his signature bouffant look. Rod: The Autobiography will be available for order on October 11.

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