Jennifer Garner: Kids And How To Raise Them

Jennifer Garner’s kids might not have the greatest example of a healthy marriage, but the actress does appear to be trying her best to raise her children correctly. Being separated from Ben Affleck hasn’t taken everything away from her, and she’s focusing on helping their children grow up to be the best they can be.

In an interview with Today, the Nine Lives actress revealed how she manages to be a “modern” mom. Like most moms, Garner wasn’t ready and didn’t know what she was doing at first, but she is learning.

“Once I had kids, I began asking myself, how do I want to spend my time? How do I want to make what little impact I can on the world? And over and over again, I was wondering who was helping the kids like the kids I grew up with in West Virginia and rural America.”

For Jennifer Garner, raising kids in their “tween” years has brought new challenges as well.

“We just had back to school night, and I said afterwards, ‘Do they need a computer?’ They need some kind of device or computer to complete their homework. Our daughter doesn’t have any of those things, and she’s, like, the only kid in the class who doesn’t, apparently.”

Garner found an old laptop for Violet and says she’s feeling panicked about social media, but relieved that the school has a social media ban until the sixth grade.

As a famous mother in the film industry, one might expect that Garner and Affleck would be providing the best of everything by default. After all, Jennifer just donated 2.5 million diapers and five million wipes to Baby2Baby, an organization which provides low-income families with the necessities which WIC and food stamps don’t cover. Jennifer Garner might even be teaching her kids how to live without the expensive things, a valuable lesson for children of celebrities. Growing up without the things you want often makes you appreciate them when you get them.

According to E! News, Jennifer Garner is also trying to teach her kids by example. “I try to be the best version of myself and to have faith that they’re watching me as carefully when I do something right as they do when I roll through a stop sign.”

Garner believes that with such a busy schedule, her time with the children each night is sacred. She makes sure she has alone time with each one, except when the job requires her to be gone, or she just needs to unwind. Jennifer Garner also knows her kids need her to be patient, not expecting them to do everything on her time.

“It’s like when they were babies, and you knew they needed to burp, but they just wouldn’t. You want to say to them, ‘You would be so much happier if you would just burp!’ It’s the same when I am waiting for my kids to say something I know is bothering them. The trick now is just to be available – and in a chill way – to receive it when they finally do.”

Separating from Ben Affleck also has its own challenges, because they are still figuring out how to both be good parents despite being apart. It’s unknown if the separation will give the children the wrong idea of what marriage is about.

For now, Jennifer Garner’s kids are getting what attention she can offer, because she knows they need it.

[Feature Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]