Amal And George Clooney Ready For A Family, Couple Feel Sorry For Brangelina Following Hearing Divorce News

The pregnancy rumors never seem to tire about the A-list couples, and it seems that Amal Clooney is getting the focus of the rumor mill as of late. Is the beautiful barrister, who is married to Hollywood star George Clooney actually pregnant this time? It seems not, yet the couple has reportedly shared that they are ready to start trying to expand their family.

Hollywood Take shares on the subject that has long been the topic of rumors swirling around the Clooneys.

“Is Amal Clooney pregnant? She may not be yet. But George Clooney and his gorgeous wife hope to start a family soon.The latest tabloid reports say that Amal Clooney is starting in vitro fertilization next month after failing to get pregnant naturally. But this has not been confirmed. And Amal Clooney has faced false baby reports in the past. “

As stated, there have been many false claims in the past about Amal already being pregnant and attempting to hide a baby bump at the Hail Caesar premiere while on the arm of George. However, the actor, himself, slammed these rumors. Although the pair work tirelessly — Amal as a barrister, now representing victims of ISIS, and George as an advocate for Syrian refugees as well as on set — they have reached the two-year mark in their marriage and sources say that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the pair had a baby in the near future. Sources also share that the duo included a nursery in their newly-renovated English estate home.

This A-list couple seems like a solid match, and they seem to achieve this by sharing goals and a similar drive, as well as a similar outlook on certain situations. Amal spoke on NBC recently about her latest case that involves seeing ISIS members brought to justice due to their acts resulting in genocide and also shared about representing a victim of the terrorist group, Nadia Murad. The barrister spoke as to how George shares her view of the terrible crimes.

“He met Nadia, too, and I think he was moved for the same reason. He understood I have spent my career working on international justice and this is a clear case of genocide and genocide that’s gone completely unaddressed and ignored.”

Although the couple knows that battling ISIS can bring danger to them, George is fully supportive of his wife’s intentions and ambitions. As noted, George is also an activist. The star recently teamed up with Don Cheadle to investigate the South Sudanese profiteering and war crimes. Following the investigative report, Clooney came to the understanding that “We have the moral obligation to act.”

Amal Clooney Fights ISIS: 8 Things To Know About George Clooney’s Human Rights Lawyer Wife:

— Mordecai (@Jeremy4Advice) September 23, 2016

All of this activism for the greater good, and this loving couple still manages to find time for one another to keep the romance alive. A source shared that “[they] are very keen on not spending too much time apart.” It seems the George and Amal Clooney are heading for a long-lasting marriage, but the same cannot be said for their good friends, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Jolie recently filed for divorce just after they hit their two-year mark of marriage. The former A-list couple who have been together for 12 years and share six children, are no more. What do the Clooneys have to say on the subject?

As Hall of Fame Magazine shares, CNN ambushed George with the news of his friends’ split, and he was caught just as off-guard as his friend Brad was at learning the news.

“I did not know that wow. I feel very sorry then. That’s a sad story and unfortunate for a family. I feel very sorry to hear that. That is the first I have heard of it.”

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