Jimmy Fallon Is A ‘Rapist,’ Says Jimmy Kimmel And Fallon Wrestles With Renée Zellweger

Jimmy Fallon is a rapist, according to People magazine. Or at least that’s what his rival late-night host Jimmy Kimmel thinks.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live! have rivaled for years, but in the lead-up to the 68th annual Emmy Awards, the hosts are starting to call names. In his exclusive interview with People and EW editorial director Jess Cagle, Kimmel shared what he really thinks about his fellow late-night hosts.

Jimmy Fallon was first in line, and as soon as Kimmel heard the mention of Fallon’s name, he quipped “rapist.” That was the first word that came to his mind when he thought about his rival, whose show has topped late show ratings in the past two years.

And Kimmel apparently holds a grudge, so “rapist” is “always the first word that comes to my mind all the time” when he thinks about Jimmy Fallon, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host revealed.

But then Kimmel said on a more serious note that Jimmy Fallon is “extremely likable” both on and off camera.

“I happen to like him a lot.”

Kimmel was not so harsh about his other rival Stephen Colbert, and described The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host with the word “predator,” adding that he is a “dangerous individual.” But just like in the case with Jimmy Fallon’s description, he continued on a more serious note, saying that he “loves” Colbert.

“I love Stephen. Very smart and one of the most decent people you’ll ever meet.”

But Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert weren’t the only fellow late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel talked about, as he also mentioned James Corden.

“I don’t know James that well. I met him a couple of times. Super talented and seems like a very lovely guy.”

Jimmy Fallon recently invited Renée Zellweger on his show to promote her latest film Bridget Jones’s Baby, and she had the time of her life on the show, according to Time magazine. The 47-year-old actress showed the late night talk show host a few lessons in cheerleading.

In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Zellweger revealed that cheerleading wasn’t the only thing she mastered in her youth, as she also played basketball as a teenager. But Fallon wouldn’t be Fallon if he simply took her word for it, so he asked the Cold Mountain actress to show a few cheerleading moves.

And Zellweger didn’t lie. She really was a great cheerleader judging by her killer moves. At one point, the Bridget Jones’s Baby actress removed her stilettos and showed Jimmy Fallon a perfect high kick.

Jimmy Fallon likes to make his talk show guests feel awkward, and that’s exactly what he did to the Bridget Jones’s Baby actress when he made her very, very fat, according to Perez Hilton.

For the segment, Jimmy Fallon was dressed as Santa Claus, while his guest was dressed as a huge robot. And that’s where the fun began. The Heavyweight Wrestling fight started, and it was hilarious for both Fallon and Zellweger.

During the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Zellweger recalled one of her recent interviews when she fell asleep while her interviewee was talking. And by the look of the interviewee’s face, he noticed it.

But there was no time for Zellweger to fall asleep during her time spent on Jimmy Fallon’s show, because first, it was not boring, and second, she showed off her cheerleading skills and competed with the host in a best-of-three Heavyweight Wrestling match.

Bridget Jones’s Baby was released on September 16, and by appearing on Fallon’s show, Zellweger sure chose the right platform to promote the new film.

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