Sonja Morgan Still Invited To Luann’s Wedding: Ramona May Know Cheating Bombshell

Sonja Morgan was shocked when she learned that her friend, Luann de Lesseps, was engaged to her long-time friend, Thomas D’Agostino. Sonja later revealed that she actually saw Thomas as a potential partner for life, as they had slept together on-and-off for several years. She made it seem like they had just hooked up recently, but during the Real Housewives of New York reunion, Morgan revealed that they had probably slept together five times over the past 10 years. They didn’t hook up when they had partners individually.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that she’s gotten an invite to the bridal shower, which is hosted by Luann herself. And despite a rocky friendship, Morgan is invited to Luann’s wedding, which will take place New Year’s Eve in Palm Springs. de Lesseps had previously said that none of the ladies were invited, because they weren’t very supportive. Dorinda Medley was the only one who got an invitation, as she was the only one who supported her during the cheating scandal. Now Sonja is getting an invitation as well.

Who’s that girl? @SonjatMorgan is even more stunning and charming in person! Had a blast chatting w/ her about her new role in @SexTipsPlay.

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“Yeah, I’m invited to the wedding. And like I said, no man’s going to come in between me and Luann,” Sonja recently revealed, adding, “We’ve had so many men between us, I mean, why would it come between us now in our friendship? Our friendship will always be there. It’s the men we don’t know, right? We just don’t know how long these men will last.”

For a while, Luann didn’t want anything to do with her co-stars because she didn’t feel that they wanted her to be happy. But Dorinda, who was the one who set Luann and Thomas up in the first place, was more than eager to help her out with the wedding. And now, Sonja Morgan has received an invite, so it sounds like de Lesseps sees her as a friend. And the theme is something that Morgan can play along with.


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“I received the invitation to her bridal shower, and we have to wear tiaras,” Sonja gushed, adding, “Well, I have so many. I’m ready.”

de Lesseps has been very vocal about her relationship with D’Agostino and she only wants people at the wedding who are very supportive of her relationship. And many of them saw many red flags in regards to Tom long before the cheating scandal was exposed on The Real Housewives of New York. Luann is now very skeptical about inviting the entire cast to the wedding, which means some people are not invited to the wedding.

Bethenny Frankel has downright been banned from attending the wedding and she herself revealed that she needed to be paid to even come to Miami for New Year’s Eve. Ramona Singer is another woman from the cast who probably won’t be getting an invite to the wedding.

During the Real Housewives of New York reunion, Ramona hinted that she might have known something about Tom that Luann didn’t. Since the reunion, Andy Cohen has been wondering what that secret was, so when she stopped by Watch What Happens Live this week, Andy asked her once more if she knew something about Tom’s cheating.

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“Yeah, I know something. Yeah, I do,” she said, according to Bravo, before adding coyly, “Maybe if I do Season 9 it’ll come out.”

Sonja Morgan may not know about D’Agostino’s possible cheating, but some tabloids have revealed that Tom has met up with the Playboy model he cheated with in Los Angeles back in May.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan going to the wedding? Do you think she will go and keep the drama to a low?

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