Paulie Calafiore And Zakiyah Everette Take Their ‘Big Brother’ Showmance Out Into The Real World

Paulie Calafiore made a brief pitstop in his New Jersey hometown after Big Brother 18 wrapped, but now he is already out of there. Less than a week after the Big Brother finale aired on CBS, Calafiore hopped on an airplane to spend some quality time with his summertime showmance, Zakiyah Everette, in her home state of North Carolina.

Paulie Caliafiore took to Twitter to reveal that he was on his way to see his girl Zakiyah just days after returning home from the Big Brother jury house.

“On the way to the airport! NJ to NC… Zbaby! I’m coming for you!” Paulie wrote.


Once Calafiore landed in North Carolina, he and Everette wasted no time posting videos of their reunion. Big Brother fans were quick to capture a video of Paulie and Zakiyah horsing around and riding in his car.


In addition, Paulie and Zakiyah posted a Snapchat video that poked fun at his aversion to butterflies.


Indeed, it looks like Paulie and Zakiyah’s romance is still in full force, despite their rocky romance on the CBS reality show. Calafiore and Everette started things out by being cuddle buddies in the Big Brother house, but their relationship hit a road bump when Calafiore started to feel smothered by the relationship.

“Zakiyah and I have a good relationship in this house,” Paulie said in a BB18 diary room interview. “However…I feel like I can’t breathe. She has a jealous side to her. She definitely gets insecure. There’s trouble in paradise.”

Calafiore later said Everette was acting like a girl and not a woman.

“I don’t deal with girls. I deal with women,” Paulie said.


It didn’t help when some of the other houseguests got into Z’s ear and told her some of the things Paulie had been saying about her. By the time Paulie and Zakiyah reunited in the jury house, things were tense. Viewers saw Calafiore’s reunion with his showmance play out, and it did not go well.

But a few weeks later, it was clear Paulie and Zakiyah were cuddle buddies again. In fact, Paulie had Z’s back when the other girls in the jury ostracized her. In his Big Brother backyard interview, Paulie said the other girls in the jury, including Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers, gave Zakiyah a hard time for being involved with him.

“Those girls were trashing Zakiyah in the house,” Paulie said. “They were bringing her down and were very mean to her, they made her feel like she was an outcast in the house just because she wanted to get to know me.”


In an interview on the Big Brother aftershow, Calafiore admitted that his relationship with Everette was a bit of a “rebound” situation. Paulie revealed that both of them were in a similar boat and that they leaned on each other in the house. Still, Zakiyah has already said that she thinks her relationship with Paulie Calafiore stands a chance outside of the Big Brother game. In an interview with Bustle, Everette admitted she would like to continue her relationship with Paulie in the real world.

“I would [continue my relationship with Paulie],” she said. “He’s a good guy, despite all the backlash and the crazy comments he’s said, and just who he is as a person. A lot of people have, I feel, the wrong idea of who he is, he’s really a good guy…He had my back the entire time I was in the jury house.”


Calafiore has also gone on record as saying Zaulie is far from over, saying he and Z plan to “100 percent” give their romance a shot outside of the game.

“I know I definitely have plans to see Zakiyah and I definitely wanna take it step by step,” Paulie told Entertainment Tonight.

“We’re gonna see where it goes,” Calafiore told Bustle. “But I’m not looking for marriage. I don’t think she’s looking for marriage anytime soon. We definitely gotta play it safe.”

Take a look at the video below to see Paulie Calafiore’s Big Brother backyard interview.

[Featured Image: Paulie Calafiore Instagram]