‘House Of Cards’ Season 5: Huge Change That Could Make Or Break The Netflix Series

The Netflix hit political drama House of Cards is no stranger to changes with Season 3 bringing a huge shift in Frank’s political and personal interest.

However, this change is the biggest of them all and could change the direction of the show. It was announced earlier this year that showrunner and creator of the series Beau Willimon will no longer be a part of House of Cards Season 5.


While Netflix will do everything to ensure that their longest-running original series is in good hands, you never really know what will happen when the mastermind of a show is no longer part of it.

Senior writers of House of Cards Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson will be running the show from now on.

House of Cards Season 4 gave us a dynamic young Republican Will Conway, who is a current threat to Frank Underwood.

However, the democrat had a lot on his plate. Underwood was shot by Lucas Goodwin, who was seeking revenge for Zoe Barnes. Frank survived and underwent a liver transplant, which begs the question whether Underwood has the stamina to be president.


Underwood also had to deal with terrorist group ICO’s leader ordering the death of a hostage journalist and Tom Hammerschmidt publishes Underwood’s alleged crimes in the Washington Herald.

To save face, Underwood declares war on ICO and allows the public to see the hostage execution, which will provide a media distraction from the scandal and increase public support in wake of a war against a violent enemy.

In an interview with Deadline, Michael Kelly, who plays the troubled and loyal Doug Stamper, discusses Season 5 and what to expect.

Michael Kelly told the publication how filming Season 5 is going without the showrunner and the impact Beau Willimon had on the show. He also discussed the series being in good hands.

“You know, they hired from within, and Frank and Melissa are incredible writers, and they kept the whole writing room. So, it doesn’t feel all that different, other than I really miss my good friend. But like I said, it’s only been a few days. So I don’t know. We’ll see. It’ll play out over the year.”

It is no secret that Doug is a mess. Michael Kelly also talked about his character’s addictive behavior that goes past substance abuse.

“Addiction. I mean, at his core, he is a guy who just battles massive addiction. He was addicted to Rachel. He was addicted to Frank. He’s addicted to the job. Everything for him is 100 percent. You know, he doesn’t half-ass anything.”


House of Cards has been renewed for Season 5. While there is not much information on the plot, new cast members are expected to join and the show will likely continue where it left off with the terrorist threat and an election battle with Will Conway.

If you think that House of Cards is based on real political events, it turns out that it is the other way around. In a Meet the Press interview, Kevin Spacey talked about the similarities between the show and real life.

“Yeah, this has happened every season that we have shot House of Cards. We have decided on a story line, we have written it, we have shot it and just before the series gets dropped something very close to what we have decided to develop happens in real life. And I know people think we’ve ripped it from the headlines, but it’s actually the other way around. We think somehow they are getting our stories.”

House of Cards Season 5 has lots of areas to explore. How is Frank and Claire’s relationship going to go moving forward and will Frank be able to beat his recent scandal?

The Netflix series has not gotten an official release date but it can be expected around February or March of 2017.

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