Paul Abrahamian Blasts Nicole Franzel’s Winning ‘Big Brother’ Speech, Heads To ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’

Paul Abrahamian says he has no regrets over how he played Big Brother 18, but the reality show runner-up has a lot to say about how that final vote went down. Abrahamian appeared to be gracious when he lost the Big Brother jackpot to Nicole Franzel by a vote of 5-4, but in an interview with Us Weekly, he said he wanted to throw up when he heard Julie Chen announce the final tally.

“I wanted to vomit all over myself,” Paul said of hearing the final vote.

“It was very nerve-wracking because Nicole was always nipping at my tails so it sucked to have her nip at my tail [then]. I mean, I was a little bit shocked because I thought that my accomplishments spoke for themselves, but clearly not.”


Abrahamian was most annoyed by the final speeches because he feels he did more in the game than anyone else in the house. While he touted his list of achievements in the Big Brother game, Abrahamian feels Franzel missed the mark.

“[Nicole’s speech was] trash!” Paul said.

“Take it, put it in the garbage. I won every comp, I was a newbie, I won seven competitions, I solved the stupid Paris riddle. Literally, I could have not done more as a player in Big Brother season 18… I blame the jury because I could have not won or done more. I laid low when I needed to play low, I played high when I needed to play high.”

While he’s clearly not happy with the final vote — his runner-up role earned him $50,000, while Franzel won 10 times that — Paul Abrahamian has been vocal about how bitter and immature the rest of his housemates were. Abrahamian, 23, was the youngest player in the Big Brother game this summer.

“I was the youngest person on the show and I thought everybody was so immature — [and this is] coming from the person with a pelican around his waist and shouting friendship,” Paul said. “I can’t even fathom how these people survive in the real world. There were a lot of adult babies that I don’t know I could handle in my real life.”

In a post-show interview with CBS All Access, Paul admitted he thought he had Big Brother in the bag no matter who he brought with him to the Final 2, so the final vote came as a big shock to him. Abrahamian felt it was a crapshoot as to who to take to the Final 2 with him after he won the final Head of Household competition, and in the end, he believes his polarizing personality, coupled with a bitter jury, lost him the game.

“Your boy never cared,” Paul said of his choice to take Nicole over third place finisher James Huling. “Thought I would win either way. Take Nicole, thought she was a sweet girl, turns out, she’s a snake… I played a hell of a game. If my personality gets me second place, then [that is what it is].”

Abrahamian also teased that now that the show is over, he can tell his former housemates what he really thinks of them. And it turns out, aside from his ride or die, Victor Arroyo, he doesn’t think much of them.

“All these personalities that I never cared for, I had to care for,” Paul explained of his time in the CBS summertime house. “Now that I’m out, I can tell everyone how I really feel about them.”

Paul Abrahamian may be done with Big Brother, but he’s not done with CBS, the network that airs the long-running reality show. According to the soap opera spoiler site We Love Soaps, Abrahamian will make a guest appearance on the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. Abrahamian will reportedly share scenes on the soap with stars Don Diamont (Bill) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt). In addition to Paul, fellow Big Brother players Victor Arroyo and Da’Vonne Rogers will appear on B&B. The episode is slated to air on October 25.

Take a look at the video below to see Paul Abrahamian’s Big Brother finale night interview with CBS All Access.

[Featured Image: CBS Big Brother Instagram]