‘Vikings’ Season 4 Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Things To Expect

While some fans think History channel’s Vikings is returning for Season 5, it is actually part two of an epic Season 4.

The hit series left us with a big time jump that put Ragnar’s rule in jeopardy. The Viking king is aging, and his sons Ivar, Bjorn, Hvitserk, Ubbe, and Sigurd have conflicting feelings about their father.

Vikings Season 4 left us with a defeated Ragnar in both spirit and in battle after losing to his brother Rollo and his French forces. The aftermath of the epic battle saw Ragnar going into a self-imposed exile that he returned from after a long time, with his people having mixed feelings about the legendary conqueror.

Vikings Season 4 part 2 release date is November 30, 2016, and will feature an additional ten episodes to a total of 20.

There is a lot to expect in Vikings Season 4 part 2, and we are going to go through some spoilers about the highly anticipated series.

The trailer features Bjorn stating that Ragnar has returned but shouldn’t have come back. Ragnar Lothbrook’s return will bring war, tragedy, and death, and it seems like Bjorn is put in a precarious position.

The trailer also shows Rollo working with Bjorn, so perhaps they join forces to take on King Ecbert of Wessex?

It is clear that Bjorn is the new leader, and sources suggest that he will have no issues with his younger brothers, and Floki will happily build ships for their new leader.


Will Ragnar die? It is unclear whether we will see the legendary Viking meet his end in Season 4, but it is clear the old king is nearing the end of his career.

In an interview, Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, spoke about his excitement playing the new leader of the Vikings.

“When I was told we were going to introduce these new brothers and they’re going to be older and it’s going to revolve around this new generation and I’ll be leading that, it was super exciting to see. I knew the scripts were only going to get more exciting for me because I love reading about the Vikings, because I think that’s a history that we’ve lost. A lot of people don’t know very much about how they lived, so that’s exciting.”


Ragnar and his son Ivar the Boneless will have a strong relationship in Vikings Season 4 part 2. The old king may spend his last days honing the skills of his young crippled son who he believes has the mental strength of a leader:

“Ragnar sees a mind in Ivar that nobody else sees and doesn’t treat him as a cripple — admits he’s a cripple, but he always believes that his mentality is the strongest thing,” said Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar.


Don’t expect another battle between Rollo and Ragnar. Rollo and his brother are going to move on; however, it is unclear as to whether they will ever mend their relationship. The trailer suggests that Rollo is working with his nephew Bjorn, and it seems like they will join forces in some battle that we will see in the season.

Lagertha will be in a relationship with a new cast member, and it seems like the shieldmaiden has had it with men. Astrid, played by new cast member Josefin Asplund, will play her love interest.

Kattegat’s Queen Aslaug and Lagertha have unfinished business, and it seems like the two former lovers of Ragnar will clash in Vikings Season 4 part 2.

Vikings is coming back with Season 5, but there is a lot that is going to take place in the ten episodes that conclude this huge season.

Vikings returns to the History Channel on November 30, 2016.

How does Ragnar deal with losing the support of his people? Can the old king go back to being a farmer, or is he destined to meet his end in battle? Leave your comments below.

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