Dylan O’Brien’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Return After A Harrowing Real Life Brush With Death: Dylan’s Character Stiles Is Missing And Forgotten

Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf role was held for him indefinitely following the actor’s real life near death experience. While early reports of Dylan’s injuries indicated the young actor’s life was never in danger following an accident on the set of Maze Runner, new evidence has surfaced that indicates the actor was gravely injured.

Teen Wolf writers had planned for Dylan to be absent for the first few episodes of Teen Wolf. They knew that O’Brien was scheduled to finish the Maze Runner: Death Cure film after the date they needed to start shooting the werewolf based teen thriller.

Dylan O’Brien worked with the Teen Wolf team to explain his planned absence. In preparation, they shot a bit of footage showing Dylan’s strange abduction and disappearance. Then the other actors created an unknown number of episodes, without Dylan.

Teen Wolf prepared to stretch the strange disappearance situation as reports came in that O’Brien was injured. The character Stiles Stilinski had been abducted by a new type of monsters called Ghost Riders who are able to not only abduct their victims, but make every memory of the character also disappear.

While Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinski was kidnapped by creepy guys on ghostly horseback and completely forgotten by his friends, fans were kept in the dark about the extent of Dylan’s potentially fatal injuries.

Dylan O’Brien very nearly died according to Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of American Assassin. Mr. Bonaventura told Hollywood Reporter, almost in passing during an interview about an unrelated project that O’Brien almost died.

“He’s all better. It was more than disconcerting. I never saw him in his worst form, but it was described to me. It was really scary. He came close to dying, I’m pretty sure. It was enough to shake your core.”

Teen Wolf Stars Dylan Obrien and Tyler Posey by Christopher Polk c
Teen Wolf Stars Dylan Obrien and Tyler Posey [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien, Teen Wolf’s central character was nearly killed in a horrific accident involving two cars and a harness that tied him to one while he lay on the other. When the rear car slowed, Dylan fell and reportedly was dragged, as reported by Inquisitr.

American Assassin and Teen Wolf are being filmed almost simultaneously. O’Brien has been on both sets in the past week.

Dylan O’Brien is apparently fully recovered and hopefully his schedule will not put undue stress on the young actor. It is hoped that Dylan will not be doing any more stunts and will be well protected on both sets.

Dylan O'Brien by Dave Kotinsky c
Dylan O'Brien [image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf character Stiles will eventually be found according to The Christian Post. It has not been disclosed which episode he will be discovered in. It has been revealed that the young banshee Lydia will be able to fight through the spell of the Ghost Riders, in part due to her special connection with Stiles and likely also because she is a banshee.


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The three Teen Wolf co-stars, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Lydia Martin portrayed by Holland Roden, and Malia Tate portrayed by Shelly Hennig, will eventually find Stiles. The three friends will free Styles from the Ghost Riders. They will also discover a few past cast members who may return to life in the show.

Dylan O’Brien will be returning at approximately mid-season in what may be the final season of Teen Wolf. There is some hope for a Teen Wolf movie franchise, perhaps with numerous squeals. The movies will allow for the characters to finally graduate high school.

Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf performances will never be forgotten by fans despite any ghost rider plots.

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