Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Why It’s Not A Jessica Jones Spinoff

Early critical reviews suggest that Luke Cage may be one of the best Netflix originals in their Marvel universe. Luke Cage has a release date of September 30, 2016, which means you can binge-watch the anticipated series in just two days.

Luke Cage already has universal acclaim from critics and we have some spoilers and information about the series plot, which is set in Harlem. Mike Colter will play Luke Cage, who has unbreakable skin and superhuman strength that we have seen in Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

The trailer features Luke Cage learning to accept his abilities and use them to fight crime in the streets of Harlem. House of Cards alumni Mahershala Ali plays protagonist Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes and Rosario Dawson reprises her role as Hell’s Kitchen nurse Claire Temple in a guest starring role.


If you were expecting Marvel’s Jessica Jones to show up in Luke’s bedroom or otherwise don’t keep your hopes up. In an interview with Den of Geeks, Mike Colter shut down the Jessica Jones spin-off rumors and revealed that a Luke Cage Marvel series was always part of the plan.

“You know; it was always the plan. I think a few articles mentioned that it was a spinoff and I was like it was always planned to do this before. I think some people were confused because they don’t read and they go, ‘Well, if he’s in this one and now he’s doing his own, he has a spinoff.’ A spinoff would be kind of an afterthought, meaning that you do one show and then you go, ‘Wait a minute, I want to do a show with this character.’ But they already had planned to do that.”


In the Netflix Marvel universe schedule, Marvel’s Iron Fist is coming next and Marvel’s The Defenders right after.

If you didn’t watch Jessica Jones and wondered what Luke Cage was doing there, he was basically keeping a low profile as a bartender when he met Jessica. They were attracted to each other and began sleeping around, only to discover they both had superhuman strength. Luke helped Jessica deal with a problem from her past and it affected their relationship.

Netflix’s Luke Cage, with a release date two days’ away, begins several months after the events of Jessica Jones and Luke has relocated to Harlem, which is where he is from.


If Jessica Jones ends up appearing on the show, it will be a surprise. Some fans predict that she appears at the end of the series in some sort of teaser for Marvel’s The Defenders, which will feature Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.

Luke Cage is a former convict and naturally struggles with the role of a hero. In an interview with the BBC Newsbeat, Mike Colter described Luke Cage.

“Luke Cage has problems with taking on the mantle of a superhero because it’s something that doesn’t feel right to him,” Colter stated.

The actor was also excited about playing the character.

“When I saw the material I really felt a connection to the role and I remember thinking to myself, ‘this is something I could do.’ It’s funny because the head of Marvel Television rode the elevator up with me when I went to do a reading for the role. He told me after I got the part that he had said, ‘hey guys I just saw Luke Cage in the elevator, Mike Colter, that’s who’s going to play Luke Cage.'”


Mike Colter also discussed going to the gym four times a week and occasionally eating a vegan diet to prepare for the role.

“Every week I would try and fit in at least three or four visits to the gym. I would eat vegan diets when I could. I was cleansing, doing all the things that people in LA do to stay fit.”


All episodes of Luke Cage have a release date of September 30, 2016, on Netflix.

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