Jay-Z Concert At Barclays Center To Stream Live On Youtube

Jay-Z has been giving a series of concerts at the newly constructed Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. This Saturday’s show, Hova’s final show at the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, will be broadcast live online.

According to the Celebrity Cafe, the concert will be broadcast on Jay-Z’s personal Youtube channel called Life+Times. Content for the new channel will be created in collaboration with Iconic TV.

IconicTV’s founder, Michael Hirschorn, said:

“His philosophy has always been to do things out of the box, do them first, do them in a surprising way … I think that’s one of the main reasons he has kept his brand as fresh and robust as he has because he’s constantly surprising the public with what he’s doing.”

Life+Times will feature a live performance by Jay-Z this weekend but it will also involve content unrelated to music. The Road To Brooklyn, a documentary about how the New Jersey Nets were brought to Brooklyn, will also make its debut on the channel.

Hirschorn said:

“We’re approaching this channel and programming it, not at the level of an MTV or a BET – at least, not yet – but really programming it as a real channel that will have regular content, some featuring him, some under his creative direction, but that when he wants to reach his audience, he’s no longer going to have to go through an intermediary to get to that audience.”

This Saturday’s show will start at 9:30 pm EST.