Emily Blunt Dishes On John Krasinski’s Secret Fetish: ‘It’s A Little Weird’

Emily Blunt has been out promoting her latest film, The Girl on the Train, but a recent interview was a little sidetracked when one of Blunt’s former hits came up. The discussion really focused on husband John Krasinski and his deep appreciation for The Devil Wears Prada (2006), which stars Anne Hathaway alongside Ms. Blunt. Emily reveals that Krasinski’s love for the film can be a little unsettling at times, as can his crush on Anne Hathaway. Still, as Emily talks about it, she does seem to talk it all in good humor.

Emily Blunt Questions Husband’s Love For The Devil Wears Prada

E! News reports that John Krasinski has held a long fascination with The Devil Wears Prada, having seen the film a purported 75 times, which was something he revealed to Emily Blunt early in their relationship. We all have that one film we’ve seen over and over again, and in comparison, 75 times isn’t necessarily out of the ballpark, but admitting that obsession to a star of that film might seem just a little freaky. Emily seemed to think so, at least.

“He’s kind of stalkery like that,” Blunt said while promoting her new thriller, The Girl on the Train. “It’s a little weird. No, I’m touched and honored.”

Blunt followed that up with the revelation of another one of John’s quirks, taking his obsession over The Devil Wears Prada just one step further.

“He knows every single one of Anne Hathaway’s outfits down pat.”

Even casual fans of Emily Blunt recognize her wry sense of humor, but this time she’s being entirely sincere. Krasinski apparently has a well-developed sense of fashion, particularly where Anne Hathaway’s gown modeling is concerned.

“I remember it came on one time when we first started dating and he was watching the montage where she has all the different amazing outfits,” Blunt recalled. “When he was watching he goes, ‘And that’s my favorite outfit.’ I was like, ‘Get a grip.'”

Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Welcome Violet Into Their Family

Ms. Blunt opened up to People about the experience of bringing Violet, who is now 3 months old, into their family and introducing her to her 2-year-old sister Hazel. While Hazel wasn’t immediately accepting of Violet, Blunt says her older daughter is now very loving and protective of her little sister. Emily adds that Violet is doing great, much better than Hazel at the same age, leading The Girl on the Train star to wonder if birth order affects a child’s personality.

“I wonder if it’s the second kid — you’re so relaxed, and then they’re relaxed,” Blunt says. “Your energy is not like, ‘Oh my God, am I gonna kill this child by something that I’m doing?'”

Emily also shared her experience in regaining her figure, after having given birth to her second baby. While some celebrity moms may reveal intensive workouts as the key to getting back into shape, Blunt says she hasn’t been working out or changing her diet. Instead, Emily expresses gratitude to her genetics and her Spanx.

“I do come from a family of very thin people. My mum got cornered when we were kids and they were like, ‘Do you feed your kids, Mrs. Blunt?’ We’ve always been those kids who have a fast metabolism.”

Emily feels that she and John are much more relaxed, since leaving Los Angeles and taking up residency in New York. The more relaxed lifestyle on the East Coast has given Emily and Krasinski more time for their children and for socializing. Blunt and husband have been making their rounds, having dinner dates with Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso and with Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.

The Girl on the Train, starring Haley Bennett, Emily Blunt, and Justin Theroux, opens in theaters on October 7.

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