WWE News: Cesaro Speaks Out After Dangerous Dive At ‘Clash Of Champions’

Over two months ago, former United States Champions Cesaro and Sheamus competed against each other on an episode of WWE Raw following the brand split. During the hard-hitting match, Cesaro defeated Sheamus and came out victorious. For some reason, WWE decided to do a rematch, which Sheamus won yet again.

Seemingly, after two wins, there was nothing else left in this feud but to make Cesaro look good fresh off the brand split. However, Cesaro started interfering in Sheamus’ matches, continuing the feud. The two started brawling and scuffling during episodes, namely backstage, when Mick Foley implemented a best-of-seven series to determine which competitor is better. Not only was it for bragging rights, but it was also a championship opportunity.

The series started lop-sided, with Sheamus gaining the victory in three straight matches. In one of the matches, Sheamus performed a back body drop on Sheamus towards the apron and ring post. This rough-looking spot was disturbing to view, as Cesaro looked legitimately hurt. Selling the injury with Kinesio tape on his back, Cesaro was able to bounce back and win three straight matches. This set up the culmination of the series at the inaugural Clash of Champions Raw-exclusive pay-per-view.

[Photo by WWE]

As expected, the match did not show much finesse, but it did showcase two of the most aggressive fighters in the WWE, and it did not disappoint the fans. Unfortunately, in typical WWE faction, there were dangerous spots during the match in order to elicit a “This is awesome!” chant and deem it good. In one of the most breathtaking, fist-clenching moments of the evening, Cesaro performed a suicide dive on Sheamus. At six-foot-five and over 230 pounds, he does not fit the usual size of someone who could feel a little safer performing that move. The aftermath of executing the move proved this to be true.

Maybe due to this move not being in his routine arsenal, Cesaro dived nearly head first towards Sheamus without using his arms for a shield and landed on the outside in very dangerous faction. He immediately looked dazed and was noticeably grimacing at the neck pain caused by the dive. Thankfully, he was able to finish the match, which ended in a no contest.

After the thud-sounding bump, fans flooded his Twitter page with concerns of his physical status. Cesaro, being thankful for the support, responded back.


Thankfully, it appears as if Cesaro has learned his lesson not to perform those spots anymore. Whether he was reprimanded from the backstage agents for taking such a big risk, or his neck pain was all he needed to be convinced, it does not look like we will see that move again from him.


Interestingly, that move served no purpose. Not only was the conclusion of the match a no contest, but it kept the series locked at 3-3, with no plans for an eighth (actually, 10th) match. Moreover, Mick Foley ended up making them a tag team the next night on Raw and number one contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

WWE should be a lot more careful about making sure that a match is laid out between opponents as safely as possible. With the roster split, as well as top stars such as Finn Balor and Luke Harper out for injury, coupled with an injury scare for Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens at Clash of Champions, neither Raw or SmackDown can afford to lose any more talent. SmackDown has already shown that the brand cannot even fill three hours for a pay per view because of a thin roster. With unnecessary spots like Cesaro’s suicide dive, Raw could suffer that same fate as well.

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