‘Teen Mom OG’ Rumors: Is Farrah Abraham A Professional Escort?

Just when you think Farrah Abraham can’t sink any lower, the latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors come out and show that there’s still a very quick race to the bottom for the star. The latest Teen Mom OG rumors are, perhaps, the most explosive of all, and reports are suggesting that Farrah Abraham makes her money from the oldest profession in the world.

According to Radar Online, these shocking Teen Mom OG rumors come from former employees of Simon Saran, Farrah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. These employees claim that Saran and Abraham are using their romantic partnership to cover up the fact that they’re heading up an escort business and using their celebrity status to pimp out young girls to paying older men.

This worker is claiming that Saran told her to “run it like a business” and that there were “no emotions involved.”

In addition, this worker is also claiming that all of those luxury lifestyle destinations shown on Farrah Abraham’s Snapchat are nothing more than lures for potential wealthy clients to purchase her escort services.

“I can most definitely see these risqué snaps of his being ‘teasers’ to recruit potential clients. Everything looks and sounds way too familiar from my own experiences.”

This isn’t the first time Farrah Abraham has been accused of being an escort. In 2013, a former friend showed proof that Abraham was advertising herself on the website SugarDaddyForMe.com.

Teen Mom OG Rumors
Simon Saran has denied the latest "Teen Mom OG" rumors about him being a pimp. His girlfriend, Farrah Abraham, has yet to comment. [Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]

Needless to say, this latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors was met with vehement denials from Simon Saran, though, interestingly, Farrah Abraham has yet to say anything confirming — or denying — these rumors. But according to the Hollywood Gossip, Saran issued a vehement denial of his former employee’s claims and insisted that his “real estate agency” is the only way that he is making money.

“No, I am not a pimp. I have morals. Yes, I do take trips often. That doesn’t mean I am doing anything illegal. I slaved for years to get my business where it is today to give me financial freedom.”

It is definitely interesting that this time around, Farrah has yet to say anything about this new crop of escorting rumors, considering that when her former friend made the claim about her a few years ago, she was denying every aspect of it to everyone who would listen. Is Farrah’s silence an admission of her guilt in the matter?

Will this latest round of "Teen Mom OG" rumors be enough to give Farrah Abraham her own show? [Image by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]

According to SheKnows.com, these explosive Teen Mom OG rumors might just be enough to give Farrah Abraham her own show, which is why she’s remaining silent about the whole situation.

It’s pretty hard to accept the notion that Saran has financial freedom when he can’t afford to give Farrah Abraham a ring (remember, she paid for the ring herself) and can’t afford to live on his own (he’s living with Farrah in her newly-acquired Los Angeles townhouse).

It’s also pretty hard to keep up with the news about the other Teen Mom OG stars — like Catelynn Baltierra’s return from rehab, or Amber Portwood’s new dream home — because the entire show has become engulfed in the Farrah Abraham drama.

So, this latest accusation of Farrah being an escort — and her remaining quiet about it — makes perfect sense. If she isn’t an escort, she’s just drummed up publicity for her inevitable spin-off show. If she is an escort, she’s just drummed up publicity for her inevitable spin-off show while getting money illegally for it. Either way, it’s all about her — and in Farrah’s world, that’s really all that matters.

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