Stan Lee Cameos In Four Upcoming Marvel Movies

Stan Lee cameos in Marvel movies are as essential for fans as the superhero’s triumph over the bad guy. No wonder then that the 93-year-old comics legend has already shot his special appearances for at least four of Marvel’s upcoming movies.


Stan Lee has even been spotted in a Luke Cage trailer where he’s seen in a poster on the side of the street, dressed as a police officer. The blink-and-miss poster reads, “See a crime? Report it!”

Stan Lee Cameos For Four Marvel Movies Shot In One Day

According to Collider, last Friday, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed at the special screening of Captain America: Civil War in Los Angeles that Stan Lee shot cameos for four different movies in a single day.

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“We do not shoot random ones. They’re always specific. A couple of months ago in Atlanta, [Lee] flew down and we shot four in one day — for four various projects. They’re all awesome! They’re all totally different. And he was unbelievable. He was on fire. He came in, he sat here, he stood there, he stood in this window, and then he went home.”

Though it is still not clear which Marvel movie Feige was referring to as the fourth one, Stan had earlier named at least three. According to, he had said that he shot cameos for Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. The most likely candidates for the fourth flick are Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok.

The shooting for Guardians 2 has already been completed, Spider-Man is also almost done, and the Thor production is underway in Australia. But green screen technology allows inserting any new image into any frame that may have already been shot.

Writer Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s Best Known Cameos

As for the Luke Cage cameo, this is the first time that fans have spotted Stan Lee in one of Marvel’s small screen productions. A new trailer for the Netflix series was recently released on YouTube, and some keen observers spotted Lee’s unmistakable image at about 2:05 into the video.


This particular Stan Lee cameo may not have the appeal fans generally hope for, but there have been others that were better suited for someone who is speculated to have a net worth of $200 million. It will be interesting to see how Stan Lee performs in the four movies given his advanced age.

In the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, for example, Lee is blocked from entering the wedding of Susan Storm and Reed Richards as the bouncer fails to recognize the very man who created the characters he is guarding.

Another tongue-in-cheek Stan Lee appearance that became one of the talking points about the movie was when in Iron Man Tony Stark mistook him for Hugh Hefner, the famous founder of Playboy.

But one of the best Stan Lee cameos ever was the one from The Amazing Spider-Man. He has confessed that the web-slinger is his favorite character, so it is no surprise that one of his best cameos happened to be in this movie.

Stan Lee Appearance Losing Its Charm?

Stan Lee cameos, though widely acclaimed, have also garnered some inevitable criticism for having become an obligatory and unnecessary addition. Some commentators have claimed that the appearances have lost their charm and only serve to distract viewers from the plot of the movie.

This doesn’t change the fact that Stan Lee remains one of the most popular figures in the comic book universe. He has accumulated a huge net worth, cashing in on his talent and the fame that resulted from it, but it is his warm persona that attracts fans to him. He even appears to have no airs about his fortune.

“My daughter was looking at the internet the other day and read that Stan Lee’s net worth is $250 million. I mean, that’s ridiculous! I don’t have $200 million. I don’t have $150 million. I don’t have $100 million or anywhere near that.”


In any case, Stan Lee cameos will not stop finding their way into Marvel movies at least in the lifetime of the 93-year-old. In fact, they may keep popping up even after that!

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