Ryan Lochte Defeated, Giving Up On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Dream

Ryan Lochte has been through a lot in the last few months, and now it sounds like he is ready to give up on his dream of winning Dancing With the Stars. Now Radar Online is sharing that Ryan is feeling defeated and not near as excited about his chances as he used to be. This week, Ryan Lochte and his partner Cheryl Burke are preparing for the big face off against another team of dancers.

There is a picture of Ryan Lochte leaving rehearsals last week, and he doesn’t look very happy. This could simply be because he is exhausted or doesn’t want to deal with the cameras trying to take his picture. On Ryan’s first week on the show, the stage was rushed by two men who were protesting the fact that Ryan was there. Security had to take them down, but this couldn’t have made things easy on Lochte. A source says that there is more to it than just that, though. The source revealed saying, “Ryan and Cheryl have been fighting because it seems like Ryan is not putting in the same effort that Cheryl is. It is almost as if he seems defeated already. Like he’s given up.”

Ryan Lochte did admit that he almost quit the show, but that his partner Cheryl Burke talked him out of doing it. Cheryl hasn’t been on the show for a while now and is back once again. She left the show to work on another project, but things didn’t go well for the show. A source revealed saying, “The only thing that Cheryl wants right now is to win, because she feels that this is the only way she can redeem herself. The two of them together are just sad, and they are so desperate to stay relevant. It’s already gotten to the point where a lot of people in the cast are just hoping that they will get cut.”

People shared that Cheryl Burke has something she always tells Ryan Lochte when he is nervous about being on the show. Cheryl actually wrote her own blog about last week. She thinks that Ryan did great considering the drama that went down the week before on the show. Cheryl said that Ryan Lochte’s legs were shaking and he was really nervous. She feels like people are going to really need to vote for them to stick around. Cheryl says that he isn’t really ready to go home yet. Nobody really knows what to believe since various information is coming out about Ryan’s desire to be on the show. She shared revealing exactly what she tells Ryan every time before they dance.

“Before we dance, I tell him ‘you’re only dancing with me. We’re dancing for each other. Focus on what you have to do and keep your head up. And have fun with it! This is a once in a lifetime chance that you get. This is not just about learning how to dance and doing the best that you can; it’s about showing America who you truly are as a person.'”

As Cheryl explained, Ryan Lochte is used to being in the water when he performs. As a swimmer, he doesn’t have to make eye contact with the people watching him, but on the dance floor that is all changed. Everyone can’t wait to see if Ryan Lochte makes it through another week on the series.

Are you shocked to hear that Ryan Lochte doesn’t feel like he is going to be the big winner of Dancing With the Stars this season? Do you think that Ryan should give up on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of DWTS on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

Update: Now sources are saying that Ryan Lochte thinks that the show is rigged.

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