Why Does Hillary Clinton Always Wear Pants? Here Are Photos Of Hillary In Skirts And Dresses

Paula Mooney

Typing Hillary Clinton's name into Google uncovers all sorts of terms that people are searching for concerning Hillary. For example, people want to know Clinton's age (she's 68, for the record). Folks are also asking Google why Hillary only wears pants, so much so that Us Weekly reports "Why does Hillary wear pants only?" as a top five trending question about Clinton. The questions about Hillary's penchant for wearing pantsuits go alongside other strange queries that pop up in relation to her name.

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Some of those strange questions surrounding Hillary's name include folks asking Google if she has seizures, wears pants because of diapers, or wears blue contact lenses. Queries about Hillary wearing big, baggy jackets join additional questions about Clinton's style of dress, questions that a male presidential candidate might not ever encounter.

Nevertheless, all the queries about Hillary's love of pants and pantsuits make one wonder: Does Hillary ever wear skirts? Photographic proof over the years supports the fact that Clinton has indeed worn dresses and skirts -- not just pants and colorful pantsuits.

One of the most famous photos of Hillary in a dress (seen below) when Clinton was known as Arkansas' first lady in 1985. In the picture, Hillary is wearing her inaugural ball gown.

Whereas Hillary has admitted that her fashion sense is not always as keen as her political instincts, reports USA Today, it doesn't mean that Hillary has always stuck to wearing pants.

As seen in the next photo from October 7, 1985, Clinton once again wore a skirt when Hillary joined Governor Bill Clinton at a reception with Mochtar Riady, then-chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Bank.

Despite Hillary's eventual preference for wearing pants, Clinton would be photographed wearing skirts on a number of other occasions.

As seen in the above photo, both Tipper Gore and Hillary wore skirts and sensible heels during the Democratic National Convention in New York City, on Thursday, July 16, 1992.

Clinton showed off her legs as she grabbed hands with Tipper and Bill focused on hoisting his daughter, Chelsea -- who wore a dress -- into a big hug.

Hillary also wore a skirt as Clinton joined Bill and their daughter on September 20, 1991. The Clinton family was in Little Rock, Arkansas, for Bill's inauguration as governor when Hillary wore the green skirt and jacket pictured above.

Hillary again chose a green color for Clinton's skirt and jacket ensemble, as seen above, when Hillary and Bill waved to their supporters in Chicago on Tuesday, March 17, 1992.

Hillary continued to show off her legs in 1992, as Hillary and Bill were interviewed by Ted Koppel, as seen above. Hillary wore a blue- or lilac-themed outfit with a checkered skirt that fell above her knees.

That same year -- on Wednesday, July 15, 1992 -- Hillary chose a twinset knit dress and a strand of pearls as she greeted the Massachusetts delegation in New York. Clinton likely chose such a wrinkle-free dress because of how well knit is known to travel.

Unlike linen skirts and dresses, knit tends to not wrinkle as fast.

Dorothy Rodham even saw fit to help her daughter Hillary with her clothing in July 1992, as seen in the above photo, as Hillary's dad Hugh watched. Hillary wore a white skirt and gray jacket as her mom helped her with her clothing in a New York Hotel room ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary would continue to be photographed wearing plenty of skirts and dresses in public throughout the 1990s -- as seen in the above photo gallery -- save for occasions when Clinton began to be pictured in pantsuits, such as on a 1996 trip to Turkey.

[Featured Image by Doug Mills/AP Images]