WWE Spoilers: 3 Returning Stars Backstage At ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’

Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will deal with some pretty big issues. The first concerns the fact that the Sheamus and Cesaro match ended in a no-contest with a title show supposedly on the line. Second, Roman Reigns is the new United States champion. Third is the fact that Seth Rollins failed in his chance to win the WWE Universal Championship, and the Inquisitr reported that Triple H might have had something to do with it.

On top of those storylines, it looks like three WWE superstars might be ready to return to WWE Monday Night Raw tonight. PWInsider reported that Emma, Luke Harper, and Paige are all backstage today at the WWE Monday Night Raw location in Cincinnati.

Luke Harper was expected to head to SmackDown Live when he made his return to the WWE after his injury he suffered in 2015. The idea was that Harper went undrafted and would end up rejoining Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan upon his return. However, word broke last week that Luke Harper was coming to WWE Monday Night Raw.

The WWE news hit when Luke Harper was advertised for numerous WWE Monday Night Raw live events, and his appearance backstage today seems to cement that fact. There is always a chance that Luke Harper does not debut tonight, but he has been cleared to return to action.


Next up is Paige. As the Inquisitr reported back in August, Paige was suspended for failing the WWE drug tests under their wellness policy. Paige was suspended on her birthday along with her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio. When Del Rio requested, and was granted, his release from the WWE, it looked like Paige was leaving as well.

There were even rumors that the WWE Monday Night Raw drafted star had hired an attorney to force her release. Del Rio is even wrestling for Paige’s family’s wrestling promotion in Europe. However, Paige was rumored to be returning to the WWE and is backstage at WWE Monday Night Raw, possibly ready to make her return.


Finally, there is Emma. It has been a rocky road for Emma in the WWE. She was a fan favorite in NXT and then made her way to the main roster. However, the WWE chose to make her goofy and put her in an awkward romantic relationship with Santino Marella as a comedy wrestler. It never worked, and she was sent back to NXT.

It was the best thing that could have happened to Emma. NXT rebranded her as a heel in the fashion of Summer Rae when she was in the brand. Emma was great in the role and moved up to WWE Monday Night Raw. Emma was supposed to be Charlott’s right-hand woman, but an injury in May forced Dana Brooke to take her place.


Emma was backstage last night at Clash of Champions and it looks like she is ready to make her return to the WWE. Whether it is back in the Charlotte storyline or whether she is starting a new one, possibly a feud with Bayley, is still to be determined.

There are so many storylines going on tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, from Mick Foley confronting Stephanie McMahon to Seth Rollins continuing his chase for the WWE Universal Championship. The return of some familiar faces to WWE Monday Night Raw is just the icing on the cake.

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