WWE News: Update On Rivalry For AJ Styles After ‘WWE No Mercy,’ Will He Remain WWE World Champion?

WWE Superstar AJ Styles has been amazing since he made his debut for the WWE earlier this year at WWE Royal Rumble when he came out early in the Rumble match itself. He lasted quite some time and fans enjoyed seeing him. He would go on to have great matches most of the year with the likes of Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns before eventually going full heel and attacking John Cena live on WWE RAW.

The two would go at it at WWE Money in the Bank in a great match that ended with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson helping AJ beat Cena. Eventually, both Styles and Cena would go to WWE SmackDown Live, which left Styles alone yet again. He would go into WWE SummerSlam to prove he was one of the best in the world against Cena yet again. This time, without any help, Styles would beat Cena, and this automatically put him in line for a WWE World Championship shot.

He and Dean Ambrose would battle for the title at WWE Backlash where he would become the WWE World Champion, although he would accomplish it with a low blow to Ambrose. This made most assume that WWE would have the two battle it out in a rematch at WWE No Mercy, but oh no. John Cena would return, and WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon would set up a triple threat for the World Title at No Mercy.

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Last week, SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan claimed Ambrose would get his official rematch on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. The expectation is that Styles will find a way to retain and go into No Mercy as champ. The expectation even at No Mercy is to see Styles retain. According to Ringside News, Dean Ambrose will be taking some time off to film a movie for WWE Studios and John Cena will be heading out to film for the FOX show American Grit, which is in its second season.

This leaves AJ Styles as WWE World Champion mainly because he has to be. The reports are now surfacing that Styles will go on to face Randy Orton at WWE Survivor Series in November. Styles has given us a lot of dream matches and Orton is clearly one we want to see as fans. Styles even mentioned this in a recent interview with Gamer Revolution, telling the website the following.

“I honestly believe I’ve wrestled … y’know, there are still some guys in the WWE that I haven’t had the opportunity to get in the ring with. That’s gonna come, I’m sure of it. I haven’t been in the ring with Randy Orton. We’re both on Smackdown! Live, so eventually that’s gonna happen. I think that’s gonna be huge, that’s gonna be fun. So there’s definitely guys on the Smackdown! roster that I haven’t had the opportunity to wrestle, and the RAW roster, and the NXT roster. I think there’s all these matches that people are gonna wanna see, it’s gonna happen eventually. And I’m one of ’em. I want these matches to happen as well.”

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Clearly, AJ Styles wants the match, and so do the fans. Why should we not see it, right? The thing, too, is that Orton should be healthy and 100 percent by then, especially with the lighter schedule he’s working. Despite working with Bray Wyatt at No Mercy, he should be completely available for the World Title picture by November. This match could very well be one that rivals the match AJ Styles had with John Cena if they allow the two to have the freedoms the Cena/Styles match had, plus the time.

WWE wants to have a great Big Four PPV in Survivor Series, so AJ Styles vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Title is certainly a main event worthy match that people will want to check out for sure. Regardless of who Styles faces, he is not set to drop the title for a while according to several reports. The timeline we should see a drop will be at either The Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 33, of course, this all depends on The Undertaker and John Cena, weirdly enough. WWE wants Cena to beat AJ for the title, so it’s really all built on his availability in 2017.

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