Corey Feldman Blasts Fallen ‘Angel’ For Backing Out Of ‘Today’ Performance: ‘You’re A Soulless Piece of S**t!’ [Audio]

A former member of “Corey’s Angels,” the all-female backup band for actor-turned-singer Corey Feldman, seemingly foresaw the mess that would become of his infamous Today Show performance two weeks ago.

Page Six reports that Las Vegas native Krystal Khali, a guitarist for blues musician Guitar Shorty, was requested by Feldman to join his musical collective for the now-infamous live take of his single, “Go 4 It,” for the morning mainstay program. However, during a rehearsal for the performance four days before the Today appearance, she abruptly quit.

“I kind of knew it was gonna be a s**t show and an embarrassment,” she remarked to Page Six, while additionally mentioning that Feldman’s questionable dance prowess was “distracting” to the point of not being able to take his dedication to music seriously.

Once word of Khali’s departure made its way back to Feldman, the 45-year-old attempted to reach out via phone to the fellow musician, not to beg her to reconsider, but to shame her for backing out. For whatever reason, Krystal failed to answer the call, which led to Corey relaying his grievance directly to her voicemail.

“Hey Krystal, it’s Corey,” he calmly begins. “You’ve got to be joking, right? This isn’t real. Like, no human being on this Earth would be selfish enough and egotistical enough and f**ked up in the head enough to f**k friends over like this at the last minute.”

After implicitly expressing the amount of time, effort, and money he put into the “Go 4 It” performance, Feldman then crassly disregards Khali by referring to her as a “piece of s**t,” among other crude notations.

“… you know how hard it’s been to get to this point, and no person would do this to another group of people that they call ‘friends,’ unless you’re, like, a soulless, careless, inhumane f**king piece of s**t. So, I really hope for all f**king practical purposes, that this is an f**king elaborate joke.”

Toward the end of the call, Corey outright threatens Krystal by adding that should she not respond to his message or return to “Corey Angel’s,” her career in Los Angeles would be wholly ruined.

“If I don’t f**king hear from you, your name is f**king mud,” he commands.

“Let me tell you, don’t even think about coming back to L.A., because you’ll never get another f**king gig in that town, ever. I will f**king make sure everybody knows what a piece of s**t you are.”

Khali, who has worked with Feldman in the past, claimed that the former child star never once offer to pay her for her involvement in her performance, and that she used a close friend’s frequent flier miles to pay for her plane ticket to Los Angeles. She also added that during the practice sessions for Today, Corey only provided her enough money for one meal a day, due to his personal eating habits, but that he did shell out for her ticket to New York City. She did not specify whether or not she returned the cash for the travel fare, however.

corey feldman
Feldman and his "maingel," Courtney Mitchell. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

The twosome were said to have initially met back in 2015 prior to another Feldman performance that Khali was hired on for. According to her, the organizer of the event offered to accommodate her with a hotel room following the live set, but Feldman allegedly had other plans, saying that she needed to stay in the same room as himself as his “maingel,” or “main Angel,” DJ Courtney Anne Mitchell, for rehearsal preparation.

“I got the impression that Corey was wanting to lead it into a sexual direction,” Khali acknowledged, “but he didn’t say anything outright.” She says that nothing of a naughty nature transpired between the three of them that night.

Feldman’s full voicemail can be heard below. Please be advised that it is NSFW — proceed at your own risk.

The actor has yet to comment on Khali’s claims or the message he left on her phone.

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