WWE News: Update On Creative Plans For WWE Superstar Seth Rollins For The Rest Of 2016

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been doing quite well since his return to the WWE earlier this year. Not only did he return to beat Roman Reigns for the WWE World Championship he never lost, but he also took part in the first ever WWE Universal Championship match. Sadly, he would lose the WWE World Title in a Money in the Bank cash-in by Dean Ambrose and lose to Finn Balor in the Universal Title match. Despite this, he was still the first overall pick in the WWE Draft this past summer.

Seth Rollins is clearly a major part of WWE right now, and the plans are for him to continue being in a high role for his career. Being known as a Triple H guy behind the scenes, he is also proven to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that he can get things done regardless of where you put him on the card. McMahon feels Rollins is a great heel, so turning him face may have been tough for him to consider originally, which could be why it has not been done fully yet.

According to Daily Wrestling News, there were originally plans set for Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to be involved in a double turn. This would have seen Rollins turn face and Reigns turn heel. The issue with this is that WWE felt that Reigns would fit in better, for now, as a mid-card babyface. Rollins is set for a full-fledged babyface turn this year, so we should not get used to the simple Anti-Authority angle he’s running with right now.

Seth Rollins pedigrees Kevin Owens
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The idea for Rollins is that the WWE will be doing a storyline that will leave no doubt that he’s a good guy. This most likely will be the storyline that he’s involved with against Triple H. There have been plans set for a year now involving Rollins and Triple H having a storyline together where The Game turns on Rollins. The plan was to have this happen later in the year, but Finn Balor’s injury pushed for WWE to fast-forward the storyline.

Rollins will continue to work with Kevin Owens for a while and eventually focus on Triple H. While plans have called for Rollins to take on Triple H at WrestleMania 33, there is a likely thought among some that they could actually wrestle at WWE Survivor Series instead. The real change here depends on who is put in as part of The Authority. Right now, there really isn’t anyone involved in it other than Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the last of whom isn’t truly a member right now and simple WWE RAW Commissioner. We very well could see some brought in to help there however.

It is said that we’ll see Triple H soon, so we shouldn’t be shocked if he randomly shows up on WWE RAW one night… even tonight. The major problem currently is that Seth Rollins could be injured yet again. Last night during WWE Clash of Champions, Kevin Owens did a move from the top rope on Seth Rollins that seemed like it was supposed to be a back or rib-breaker. It looked bad from the start and it simply wasn’t landed well by either man.

Kevin Owens hits a backbreaker on Seth Rollins
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Seth Rollins was visibly hurting during and after the match. The Wrestling Observer reports that he was hurt coming backstage, which means he wasn’t just selling if reports are true. This could be a case of broken ribs at the maximum. Lucky for WWE, the most he would miss with this is two months as it takes six to eight weeks to recover completely on a normal basis. If he needs surgery for any reason however, then he may miss more time.

This could be a blessing in disguise if he does miss time, as WWE would be forced to keep him out of storylines with Triple H. While plans were to have him go into WWE Hell in a Cell to face Kevin Owens for the title once more, this time in the cell — these plans may be pushed out due to the injury. Obviously this injury does help WWE save this match for WrestleMania, but it does not help current storylines as now RAW has lost two of their top workers for at least a couple months. It is doubtful WWE will make Rollins perform while hurt, but Seth may choose to due to the need for him to stick around.

While Rollins very well could be pulled out due to injury, he was never supposed to stick around the Universal Title scene until the end of the year. They wanted him to get involved in this picture originally in November, but Balor’s injury changed this, so all the things they had planned for then are happening now instead. Don’t be shocked if he is out of the title scene by December and faces off with someone like Chris Jericho, all of this depending on if he doesn’t miss any time.

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