One Direction’s Harry Styles Faces ‘Haylor’ Groundhog Day

It doesn’t take much to set tongues wagging when Harry Styles is involved. Every since Harry appeared on X-Factor with One Direction, some sections of the media have had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Styles’ love life. The obsession began when reports emerged suggesting that 17-year-old Harry was dating Caroline Flack, a woman almost twice his age. Since then it seems that Styles only has to be in the same hemisphere as a beautiful woman before rumors emerge that they are dating. With One Direction on hiatus, it seems that some are desperate to report news on Harry’s latest romance.

Over the years, One Direction fans have become used to Styles being linked with a so-called “winter girlfriend.” With One Direction locked into huge world tours each year, a pattern emerged that saw Harry linked with a celebrity girlfriend shortly after the tour ended. Styles was linked with numerous women, but the two who have attracted more speculation than most were Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

This past year has been a little different, stories about Harry were few and far between after One Direction’s last tour wrapped up. Instead, the media focused on Harry’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s reported relationship with Danielle Campbell and his then forthcoming fatherhood. Unusually, Niall Horan featured in the winter girlfriend stories as he was linked with Selena Gomez. Then at New Year, things took a more usual turn as Styles was linked with Kendall Jenner in the first episode of this year’s Groundhog Day stories. Admittedly, Styles and Jenner were photographed getting cozy on a yacht in the Caribbean, but the stories were short-lived. Harry was also linked with a London-based stylist, and later with a member of One Direction’s flight crew.

Stories linking Harry and Kendall never quite went away. Just a couple of weeks ago People Magazine was reporting that Harry and Kendall were back on and they were getting serious, according to one source.

“Harry has always been ‘that guy’ for Kendall. She would love to be in a real relationship with him, but he’s always had issues settling down in the past with her because he has that rock star mentality.”

Just yesterday, Unreality TV claimed that Harry was brokenhearted and “struggling with grief” after Kendall had moved on and was dating rapper ASAP Rocky. Somewhat bizarrely, the same outlet is reporting today that Styles has moved onto Groundhog Day episode two and resurrected his romance with Taylor Swift. Styles and Swift reportedly dated for a few months back in the winter of 2012, but the big news is that they may be back together.

Some might think the evidence of a “Haylor” reunion is a little scant. It is based entirely on the fact that three posts appeared on Style’s Instagram feed that were totally blank. Amazingly all three blank posts have already received over 630,000 “likes” and between them have attracted over 125,000 comments.

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

Those without an intimate knowledge of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may be scratching their heads wondering why a blank Instagram post leads to relationship rumors between the pair. It’s simple, Swift wrote a song called “Blank Space” which is supposedly about Harry. Way back in 2014, Bustle explained why they thought the song was about Styles.

When you realize that, then the reasoning is clear. Harry posted three blank Instagram posts, those posts could be interpreted as blank spaces, an oblique reference to Taylor’s “Blank Space,” and that clearly means that Swift and Harry are back together – or perhaps not.

The blank posts could mean that the camera on Harry’s cellphone is broken. Perhaps Styles is songwriting and coming up blank on ideas. Alternatively, Harry could simply be teasing fans to see how many people are drawn into his blank post, after all, a Styles Twitter post that simply said “Burger” was re-tweeted well over 200,000 times.

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