‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Cryptic New Info From Extremely Reliable ‘Chinese Riddler’ Hints At New Pokemon

A mysterious grid revealing clues as to many of the remaining new Sun and Moon Pokemon, as well as much of the rest of the Alola Pokedex, has recently surfaced online. What makes the leaked grid much more credible than your typical Pokemon leak, however, is that the track record of the leaker, known only as “The Chinese Riddler,” is absolutely exceptional.

Those already riding the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train are, by this point, accustomed to “leaks” that crop up online, get talked about for several days, and then are disproven when their “predictions” are contradicted by officially released Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals.

Although the vast majority of Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks have turned out to be completely fabricated, there are the select few that have been proven by being corroborated by officially sanctioned Pokemon Company news again and again. Several of the most prominent of these sources were recently profiled in an anonymous 4chan post.

One of the leakers that has been repeatedly proven is the “Chinese Riddler.” His or her leaks are known for not being as straightforward as most. Rather than straight-up revealing new Pokemon or new game mechanics, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Riddler prefers to leave cryptic hints for Pokemon fans and let them piece together what they mean.

For example, details Pokejungle, the Riddler released a cryptic image of Zubat and Littleo before the introduction of Solgaleo and Lunala, telling Pokemon fans that the images were a clue of what is to come next for Pokemon. Sure enough, Solgaleo and Lunala look like and follow the same themes as Littleo and Zubat.

The Riddler also released an image of a Pikachu covered in a sheet before the unveiling of Mimikyu, an Alolan Pokemon that, you guessed it, looks like a sheet-covered Pikachu wannabe. Images of a shovel and a sandcastle were shown before Sandygast and Pallosand, a cloth adorned with a skeleton was shown before the reveal of team skull, and a football-playing monkey was invoked before the intro of Passimian.

On Thursday, the Chinese Riddler posted a new leak, and this one is packed with enough cryptic and suggestive imagery to keep Pokemon fans theorizing up until Pokemon Sun and Moon are actually released on November 18. The majority of the leak is composed of a grid. Some of the grid’s squares are filled by already-announced Alola Pokemon, and a few are left blank or filled by question marks. Presumably, these squares are meant to represent Pokemon that are still to be revealed and about which the leaker has no idea.

Still other squares contain images not of Pokemon, but of people or objects. Thanks to the Chinese Riddler’s history in terms of Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals, fans can assume that the clearly non-Pokemon images are meant to clue onlookers in as to the remaining Pokemon. One of the pictures shows what looks like a Gothic lamppost, one shows what looks like a Chinese supermodel, one shows a toucan, and one shows a bust of Aristotle. It is difficult to describe them in more detail, so check them out in the image of the grid below.

Below the grid, the leak shows sprites for 220 Pokemon introduced in generations one through six. Many sources that cover the leak point out it would make sense if the sprites show additional Pokemon that will be available in Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola region. Interestingly though, a number of the sprites have been grayed out. What this means is unclear, although iDigitalTimes speculates they could be a mix of Pokemon that will receive Megas and Alola forms in the new games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Chinese Riddler Leak

A Pokemon fan’s first thought when looking at the Chinese Riddler’s latest leak may be “oh no! Does this mean we are basically done seeing new Alola Pokemon introduced?” After all, there are not too many blank spaces left on the grid, especially considering that the last row of the grid looks to be reserved for Alola versions of existing Pokemon.

Luckily though, the answer looks to be “no, the Riddler only included spaces where he/she knows there will be Pokemon. The grid is by no means final and very well could expand.” It seems extremely unlikely that none of the already-revealed new Pokemon have any evolutions or pre-evolutions that have not been unveiled yet. And you can be sure that Komala, Bounsweet, and Wimpod will be getting evolutions. I mean, they’re just begging for them.

According to Movie News Guide, the next big Pokemon Sun and Moon news dump is coming on October 4. Will some of the Chinese Riddler’s latest cryptic hints be clarified and confirmed then? Pokemon fans can speculate, but only time will tell for sure.

And as always, train on, Pokemon fans!

[Featured Image by Pokemon]