Jennifer Aniston Dines With Husband Justin Theroux In The Smile NYC

Jennifer Aniston in The Smile, NYC. As the world digests the surprise fallout of Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Aniston and hubby Justin Theroux were seen enjoying a night out in New York City on Saturday, TMZ reported.

Aniston and Theroux’s weekend evening in NYC came just five days after news broke that Jolie and Pitt were breaking up. It was Jolie who in 2005 displaced Aniston, now 47, as Pitt’s wife. After going through an undoubtedly difficult time after being cast aside by Pitt, Aniston would later find love in Theroux, now 45.

Aniston and Pitt lived as husband and wife from 2000 to 2005 when they broke up after Jolie came into Pitt’s picture.

Aniston and Theroux wedded in 2015.

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Unbothered: Jennifer Aniston in the Smile, NYC

During the Jennifer Aniston in the Smile NYC weekend, the couple could be seen clasping their hands and appearing to be in high moods. The couple sported black outfits for their intimate date in NYC. While Theroux was wearing a zip-up hoodie and black, faded jeans, Aniston sported a camisole and a pair of Mary Jane’s.


Aniston and Theroux were mostly close to each other. In NYC, the couple stepped out together to enjoy their dinner at The Smile restaurant, a Big Apple hot spot.

Despite making a public appearance and all the attention that came with it, the couple was only seen but not heard, an indication that they chose to mind their own business during their NYC weekend night out.

Since the shocking Brangelina fallout, attention has been on Pitt’s ex-wife Aniston. The world is eager to see or hear how she reacts to the breakup of her ex-hubby with Jolie. But if Aniston’s night out says anything, so far she appears unbothered with the development around Pitt.

Connecting in NYC from different locations

Aniston had arrived in New York ahead of Theroux, who later joined her from Australia for their Smile NYC weekend night out. Theroux is gearing up for a press tour for his latest movie project known as The Girl On The Train, People Magazine reported. The move is based on the best-selling novel of the same name. Theroux, the Leftovers actor, plays the ex-husband of woman called Emily Blunt in the movie. Blunt is depicted in The Girl On The Train as an alcoholic woman who from her train window sees or thinks that she sees clues about the disappearance of a woman.

In Australia where Theroux was before he joined his wife in New York, he was filming the third season of Leftovers.

Plane altercation that has little known about it

Jennifer Aniston in the Smile NYC weekend was the first public night out of Aniston and Theroux since it emerged that Jolie and Pitt were breaking up. The filing of a divorce between Jolie and Pitt was preceded by an altercation on a private plane that caused Pitt to be questioned by the Department of Children and Family Services in LA. But details of the exact nature of the plane incident have remained scant, though some sources told E! Online that it was a disagreement between a father and his teenage boys. Some sources even added that there was no punching, thus making the incident look like a normal family argument. But a closer look at the court papers reveals that Jolie actually filed to divorce Pitt only a day after the plane incident.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
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The relationship between Jolie and Pitt that is now going up in flames developed while Aniston was still married to Pitt. In January 2005, Aniston and Pitt announced their divorce. After the divorce was concluded, Pitt moved in with Jolie, while Aniston later found love in Theroux.

Who’s having the last laugh?

Being left by Pitt for Jolie undoubtedly put Aniston through one of the most difficult situations she has had to go through in her life. But with the marriage that gave her heartache now in flames, there is every reason to believe Aniston is having the last laugh, even though she steered off the topic by choosing to remain mum during the Jennifer Aniston in the Smile NYC weekend.

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