Logitech Wireless Webcam For Macs Gets Leaked, Priced

Mac users will soon be able to pick up a brand new Wireless Webcam, and, ahead of an official announcement, online retailer B&H Photo has posted images of the new peripheral. The listing page is lacking a full spec sheet but does clearly state that the gadget is meant “For Mac” users.

It’s likely that the WiFi camera will eventually make its way to other computers outside of the Apple family given its WiFi nature, but, at this time, no other compatible systems (likely because of driver issues) have been announced.

The Logitech webcam page at B&H Photo does claim that the webcam captures 1080p video, that it is in fact WiFi enabled, and that it may have some type of cloud functionality. That last claim is purely speculation as the device features a cloud atop its lit up display.

The wireless webcam is listed at $180, which is slightly higher than some of the cameras in the same 1080p video record range. That price, however, is rather cheap when you consider the premium Apple buyers already pay for their desktop and notebook devices.

Still no word on when Logitech might launch the Wireless Webcam, and the B&H Photo has done nothing to hint us with a drop date.

Here’s the webcam sitting on its very own stand:

Logitech Wireless Webcam for Mac with Stand

Macs typically come with a competent webcam built into their displays, but the ability to actually turn a webcam in different directions is always a nice added touch, especially if that webcam does not necessarily need to be left right next to the user’s computer.