‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’: Developer Talks Updating Game And Maintaining Quality

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developer Infinity Ward has already confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will appear along with the new game when it releases in November.

It’s no secret that Modern Warfare is one of the better titles in the series. Considered by some to be the best, the anticipation is high by those who will be returning to the classic installment. In a report by Digital Trends, developer Raven Software dives into how they kept the game a classic while updating it at the same time.

Studio Director David Pellas goes into detail on how important it was to maintain the feel of Modern Warfare. It’s said that the balance of the game is great, and Raven Software intends to bring that same feel to a modern console.

“There was a realization that this is freaking terrifying, because it’s not just important to us,” Pellas stated in the report to Digital Trends. “There’s actually a really healthy community out there, like 20,000 still playing on Steam pretty regularly. It’s crazy, but they love it.”

Inquiring about the team and how well they took to the project, Pellas admitted that it was realized that the game’s update would be a difficult task. With the number of players that continue to take part in Modern Warfare matches, it’s easy to see that all eyes are meticulously watching Raven Software’s monumental challenge.

“I’d probably say regularly it was like, ‘Okay, is this going to make a fan pissed off?'” Pellas began. “But I think that we got out in front of that really early with ‘Don’t f–k with the gameplay’ as our number one tenant, and that coincides with Raven’s mantra of ‘gameplay first.'”

Essentially, the Modern Warfare Remastered title is going to be a remake of the 2007 game. The engine is clearly different, but many elements were retained. Pellas goes into detail on this, specifically what could be kept and what had to be made from “scratch.”

“We wanted to make sure that we had the timing down right, we wanted to make sure we had that feel of it in the engine,” Pellas said. “So starting with those layouts and starting with the gameplay and the timing, our engineers created a system that would record controller inputs. And it did a comparison between how much time it took move from start to run, how much time it took you from pushing the button to have an action actually take place on the (Xbox) 360, and compare that to what it was on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.”

It seems that Raven Software is aiming to replicate even the function of the game’s controllers and timing, delivering a standalone experience from the older Modern Warfare that will flow naturally with the modern engine. In a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, it seems that there will also be support for Modern Warfare that is expected to carry for quite some time.

“I can tell you down to, I think it’s the hundredth of a second — within a couple of hundredths of a second — we are identical in timing with things like ADSes (Aiming Down Sights) and things like mantling,” Pellas expressed in regards to the flow of combat and actions. “But we’ve also made improvements to them so that visually, they look more modern, and they act and behave as gamers today would expect them to.”

Ultimately, fans can expect to play a game that looks modern while playing a game that reminds them of a classic released years ago. If the direction of the developers are any indication, we’ll be playing a title that brings the best of old and new school.

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[Featured Image By Raven Software]