Shikhira Dunson, Carlo Simpson: TV One’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ — Black Pregnant Mom Gunned Down In Georgia Driveway By Abusive Boyfriend As Family Watched

Shikhira Dunson, the African-American pregnant woman who was gunned down in a domestic argument with her boyfriend, Carlo Simpson, will be the presented crime story on Fatal Attraction. Dunson was a 20-year-old single mother in Decatur, Georgia, with plans for a better life. Carlos “Carlo” Simpson is serving a double life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend and her unborn child. The Fatal Attraction documentary episode for the Shikhira Dunson case is called “Thicker Than Water.” Here is TV One’s official description.

TV One’s Fatal Attraction: “Thicker Than Water” Synopsis

“Just days away from her 21st birthday, Shikhira Dunson seemingly has it all. But when a shot rings out on a February night in Decatur, Georgia, Shikhira’s dreams turn to dust, and investigators are called upon to sort fact from fiction in the tales told by witnesses to the killing.”

Police arrived at a home at 2226 Eagles Nest Circle after a call of shots fired. There in the driveway was a black female who had been shot and killed. Family members told police that moments before the shooting, Shikhira Dunson and her live-in boyfriend, Carlo Simpson, were having a heated argument.

Shikhira Dunson then headed outside the home and into the driveway. Carlo Simpson followed and fired shots into the victim. Other family members were inside the home, and a child was present when the fatal incident took place, according to the killer’s sister, Lawana Simpson, who described what happened to AJC.

“Last night, I was bathing my kids and my son came in and said they were arguing. My brother went outside, and Dunson came outside and was messing with him. He was pointing the gun at Dunson, and his girlfriend grabbed the gun and it fired. She grabbed it and it happened quick. I didn’t know that my brother had the gun. He didn’t know it was going to go off.”

Neighbors reported seeing the suspect fleeing the scene in a black car. Authorities say Shikhira Dunson was about five months pregnant when she was gunned down. She left behind a 10-month-old son who was placed in the care of his maternal grandmother.

Dunson had some problems in her life and had struggled to overcome them. Carlo Simpson’s family members say they loved Shikhira like she was part of their own family and were also saddened by Shikhira’s death. Shikhira Dunson’s family was devastated to lose her in such a tragic way. Her mother, Johnnee Dunson, stated in an interview that she thinks of her daughter every day, according to WSB TV-2.

“There’s not one single day that goes by that I don’t have a thought of my daughter. His first birthday, his first steps, his first words were moments not shared with his mother.”

The murder of Shikhira Dunson made very few headlines, and the details of the story are not publicly known. Fatal Attraction‘s coverage will go behind the headlines to get to the root of the tragic events that led up to her untimely death.

A search at the Georgia Department of Corrections’ website shows that Carlo Simpson is housed at Macon State Prison. He is listed under his legal name: Carlos Jerome Simpson. According to AJC, Carlo Simpson’s brother was murdered in prison the same month that Shikhira Dunson was killed. He was doing a stint for aggravated assault.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of true crime stories that can be highlighted on crime documentary shows, such as Fatal Attraction. The level of violence that is experienced in domestic households is at an all-time high. A previous Inquisitr article stated that most people are killed by someone they know, and most women are murdered by their spouse or domestic partners.

Watch Fatal Attraction every Monday night at 9 p.m. on TV One. In previous episodes, the stories of Nailah Franklin and Lanell Barsock were aired.

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