Sundance Head Reveals Why He Chose Blake Shelton As His Coach On ‘The Voice’

The Voice contestant Sundance Head came very close to choosing a different judge when it came time for him to decide who would be guiding him through his journey on the popular singing competition.

The Texas-based singer, who wowed the judges with his cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” had two coaches vying for him. The former American Idol contestant decided to go with Shelton.

In a Q&A with MJ Santilli for the MJ’s Big Blog, Head said he likely would have chosen coach Adam Levine had he turned his chair.

“To be honest, I was going to choose Adam [Levine] if he had turned around for me. But when the bullets were flying, I kind of just — I’m not sure how I chose Blake [Shelton]. I intended to choose Adam and then I started thinking about all the success that Blake’s had in the business and he’s pretty much done everything at this point that I would like to do. He’s such a beautiful human being, a wonderful person, and he’s just happy all the time and he’s got such a positive energy and I wanted to try and capture some of that if it was possible.”

The Voice is Sundance Head’s second foray into a nationally broadcast singing competition. In 2007, he competed on American Idol, making it into the Top 16 before being eliminated. The opportunity led to a recording contract, but has yet to release any of the material he recorded, according to Taste of Country.

In the Q&A, Head said he regrets the squandered opportunity that American Idol offered him and explained that naivete about the music industry kept him from succeeding they way he desired.

“I really feel like I squandered the opportunities that I had on American Idol. I was unprepared. I definitely was not ready for what went down. I think that they spent a lot of time trying to help me out and trying to guide me in the right direction. At the same note, I was a little bit naive about the whole process and I should’ve paid more attention to what the show was trying to advise me to do as far as leadership.”

With a second chance on The Voice, Head said he hopes to do things differently this time, relying on the wisdom and experience Shelton and the other coaches will provide.

“The difference that I can see is they [help] the artists and the performers to grow and go out of their way to try to give you outstanding advice and leadership. It was probably done that same way during the Idol show. I just, like I said, was immature and unprepared as a human being for that whole experience. And I’m really thankful this time that I’m going to get another shot. And I hope that this time, I can do things correctly.”

Sundance said he is grateful for the opportunities and said taking a chance is the best advice he could give to any other upcoming performer who might be hesitant.

“I also would advise anyone that can hear this that has any kind of aspiration to be a singer or a vocalist–don’t be scared and give it a shot. If you don’t take the chances, you’re never going to know what success is. That’s my only advice.”

[Featured Image by Sundance Head/Facebook]