Julia Roberts A Disgraced PTA Mom Amid Divorce Rumors? Find Out The Details

Julia Roberts, Oscar winner, wife, and mother of two, is taking on a role that will see her portray PTA mom Kelli Peters in the film Framed.

The film, a true crime genre, is based on the book by Kelli Peters and Sam Rule, I'll Get You! Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.

Peters was also recently the subject of a series by Christopher Goffard, writer for the L.A. Times, that was extended to six parts. The mother's life was almost destroyed following being framed for possession of drugs by the parents of another child who attended her daughter's elementary school in Irvine, California.

Parents of the schoolmate to Kelli's daughter, Jill and Kent Easter, planted drugs which included marijuana and pills,in Peters' car as a means to have her role as PTA president taken away and also to destroy her reputation. Both Jill and Kent Easter, who are lawyers, had criminal charges brought against them for their role in the smear campaign.

The actions of the couple reportedly all stemmed from an incident that resulted in their son being locked outside of the school for a few minutes while in the care of Kelli Peters, as Variety shares.

Julia Roberts' rep has been in talks for the property for which multiple bids have been placed. Roberts has been steadily taking on more roles that see her as a maternal character. She played a character in Mother's Day, also starring Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston, who gave up her child at birth. Currently, Julia is filming Wonder, which is an adaptation of the book by R.J. Palacio's book. Jacob Tremblay from the film Room will play her son.

Although Roberts has maintained a relatively private life alongside her husband Danny Moder and her children, the star has been steadily working on set. Very little drama seems to stem from the relationship she has with Moder, yet, recently there have been divorce rumors sparked. Just this past week, Roberts was said to have had an emotional outburst while filming Wonder, which ignited rumors that there must be troubles in the Oscar-winner' s marriage.

The Inquisitr recently shared about the emotions that have led to speculation her 14-year marriage to Moder may be drawing to a close.

"Julia Roberts' tear-jerking episode on the set raised speculations that her personal problems have made her over-emotional. Currently, the actress is rumored to be going through tremendous distress due to her troubled marriage with cinematographer Danny Moder, with rumors suggesting that Julia's 14-year-marriage is due to end as the differences between the celebrity couple have become irreconcilable."
It is a given that divorce and relationship rumors always follow A-list couples, regardless of whether there is a strong and healthy bond or not. Therefore, the tales that are swirling about Julia and Danny may simply be all fabrication, and the star's emotions on set for the film may just be due to her incredible abilities as an actress, who is able to tap into emotions in a moment and produce the scene that is called for.However, media and tabloids have recently been validated in the incessant reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were heading for a divorce, seeing as just this past week, Jolie made the announcement she is filing for divorce from the Hollywood heartthrob. This new reveal has certainly caused rumors spewed out by tabloids to be considered as factual more now than perhaps they had been before. Does this mean Julia and Danny are next? Likely not. One thing's for sure, Roberts will be one to watch on the big screen on into next year.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV]