Jim Carrey’s Heartbreaking Text Exchange With Cathriona White Reveals STD Fears And Possible Clues On What Led To Her Suicide

A disturbing text exchange between actor Jim Carrey and his late ex-girfriend Cathriona White appears to reveal the heartbreaking and desperate state of their relationship before it ended in the latter’s tragic suicide, The Sun reports.

The devastating text exchange came as a part of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by White’s ex-husband Mark Burton, who has accused Carrey of giving the 30-year-old makeup artist three STDs before dumping her.

In text her messages to Carrey, Cathriona appears concerned that she may have contracted an STD.

“I understand your [sic] worried. Imagine how I am feeling right now. I am the one that should be freaking out. If anything I am sure it’s just the abrasion thing you were talking about,” White’s part of the text conversation reads.

“I hope your [sic] ok, hun. It could be from someone before me. Doesn’t show up until you’re really stressed. It should be fine though. Most likely something else. Feel better,” Carrey replied.

In another part of the conversation, Jim tells Cathriona she may have had “aggravated follicles or bumps.”

According to documents presented by Burton as evidence in his wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, Cathriona was so worried about the idea of having contracted an STD that it may have triggered her to commit suicide.

Mark claims that Carrey tried to keep the STD infections — diagnosed as Herpes Type 1 and 2 as well as gonorrhea — under wraps by pressuring White to sign legal papers.

“I care about you Cat. We can be friends. But you’re gonna blow it by draggin your feet. It’s not kind and I deserve better. I would like it done this week. PLEASE,” wrote Jim.

“I wake up and go to sleep hoping your [sic] doing good. I didn’t even think your attention was on it in the slightest. I am out of sight. I am staying quiet. I am being invisible. I no longer matter. I get it but it doesn’t mean that I am not going through it and I still exist. I can give it to Linda Wednesday evening,” wrote Cathriona.

“Hurry up!,” Carrey replied.

“I haven’t give the papers to Linda because I couldn’t look at them. I couldn’t do anything other than look at Twitter every god damn day just to know your [sic] doing okay. I finally called the lawyer yesterday the soonest time was Wednesday that he had. So I can give it to Linda right after. I am not being a jerk Jim so please don’t threaten me. Don’t talk to me and then communicate what you did,” White said.

Carrey’s attorney, Marty Singer, said that Burton’s claim was “categorically disputed,” and called it a “desperate, bogus claim made by the ‘husband’ of a sham marriage”

The Mask star’s lawyer claims in a statement that Cathriona only married Burton in order to secure her legal immigration status in the country after her father died. A green card, in short.

White married Burton on January 15, 2013, at the Heavenly Bliss Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

In a statement to Mirror, Singer pointed out that the text messages were sent in 2013, which is contradictory on account of the fact that White sought Carrey out in November 2014 so they could start their relationship anew.

“If he had engaged in the alleged horrible conduct, why would she reach out and request that they continue to stay together? In fact, they were even working out a cohabitation agreement, as they were living together for the most part up until her death.”

Jim Carrey’s lawyer also disputed Burton’s claim that the bottles of Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet bearing the name Arthur King (alleged to be Jim’s pseudonym) found in White’s apartment were given to her by the actor.

Singer insists that the bottles were given to Carrey for his own use and that Cathriona “stole” them from him.

He went on to insist that Burton’s wrongful death lawsuit was an “abhorrent money-grab scheme” and an attempt to cash in on Cathriona’s death.

“It is despicable that Burton, who claims to have been Ms. White’s husband but never lived with her and did not even reside in the same state she did, now comes forward trying to cash in on her death,” he said. “We are confident that the court will see through this abhorrent money-grab scheme.”

Do you think there’s truth to the allegations Burton pinned on Jim Carrey concerning Cathriona White’s suicide?

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